Back-To-School Fashion Show – Middle Schoolers

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5NEWS recently held a back-to-school fashion show in the Northwest Arkansas Mall, right outside the 5NEWS studio. The goal was to get a better understanding of what kids are wearing this year.

When it comes to looking good at middle school, you can`t go wrong with Razorback gear.

“It’s definitely a go. You have to have Razorback spirit around here,” Brian Sellers said.

Sellers is manager of the Buckle in Northwest Arkansas, and he gave us some back-to-school fashion tips.

“For the middle school boy, he's going to love all the athletic gear - stuff from Hurley, Nike and Oakley,” Sellers said.

When it comes to pants, Sellers said straight leg jeans are popular, and many guys cuff them at the bottom.

“As you go into middle school or high school, some guys will do a lot of layering. Some boys will like that lightweight hood with a tee shirt under it. It’s that casual everyday look going to school,” Sellers said.

He said woven shirts are also popular, layered with a leather or even a pleather jacket.

“For the middle school girl, it’s going to be bling pockets with a lot of detail. They're going to like the loud shirts. Of course, you can't go wrong with an Arkansas tee every now and then. Any of the graphic tees will still be good for those girls. They're going to also start layering those with cardigans and different over pieces. For middle school girls, depending on your shoes, you'll either do straight leg skinny is huge this year. And you can always do something with a boot cut jean,” Sellers said.

What about accessories, like backpacks?

“As you get older, you get a little more brand picky. So the boy may want his Hurly or Oakley bag, and girls will start doing fun backpacks like Roxy and Billabong. Those will be popular,” Sellers said.