School of Innovation Gives Real Life Spin To Education

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)- The Springdale School of Innovation opened to students this week at the Jones Center with about 200 eighth graders.

By the time the high school students graduate, they'll have a high school diploma, as many workforce area certificates as they want to pursue and an associates degree, according to Principal Joe Rollins. Innovation

"I think what we are seeing now is that we are getting beyond high school graduation," Rollins said. "Students are starting to understand, what can I do with this education when I graduate?"

Rollins said there are are other questions students have.

"Can I go right out into the world and be immediately impactful?  What kind of training do I need? What kind of skills do I need? What kind of Jobs are out there for me?," he said.

"That`s the kind of spin we're putting on our education. Were putting lessons into a real world kind of setting so that kids can actually apply that learning after they graduate."

The school focuses on giving students real world experience by working with technology, in groups, doing project and having flexibility in their schedules.

"They can learn more at their own pace and what that means is we’re going to use technology to drive strong teacher instruction," Rollins said.

Each student gets a laptop where they can access of their lessons and interact with their teachers, even at home. The school still covers the high school core subjects.

"I’ve got a great team of teachers who have lessons that are across the curriculum," Rollins said. "They bring multiple subjects together."

The school is starting with eighth graders. Next year when those students become ninth graders, a new class of eighth graders will enroll. By 2018, the school will have students from eighth to 12th grade.