Sebastian County Fair Kicks Off in Greenwood

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GREENWOOD (KFSM) - The ferris wheel is up and the rides are ready to go as the annual Sebastian County fair opens its gates up to the public Tuesday (Aug.19). Even though the Sebastian County Fair has been going on for decades, there have been a few changes in the works this year. This is including renovations to the home economics building.

For some people the fair started Monday (Aug.18). They began entering several kinds of food and crafts events in hopes of taking home a cash prize. "Pretty much anything that your proud of you can enter into the fair," said Jesse Bocksinck who is the Sebastian County extension agent. "It's not all about the competition but the bragging rights through the year too, that's pretty good to have over your neighbors every once in awhile."

This year, all the fun is taking place in a newly renovated building in the fairgrounds. Crews actually wrapped up the construction project just last week. "They have actually revamped the interior of the building and its more user friendly," said Bocksink. "It's going to be a big surprise for the folks in there."

For many, the Sebastian County fair has become a tradition and years in the making especially for 19-year-old Ciara Fleer. "Some years I'm helping taking pictures of the livestock for the slideshow, then helping with the auctions," said Fleer. "Pretty much anything they need me to do, they keep my busy."

The fair has become a somewhat of a second home. According to Fleer," I just like being around, there's a lot going on everyday that's fun."

All the carnival rides open to the public Tuesday (Aug.19). The fair runs through Saturday (Aug.23).