Snakes Found In Clarksville High School Gym

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A handful of snakes have gotten into the Clarksville High School gym according to school officials.

The school district phoned an exterminator to take care of the problem.

"They got 12 out of there one day and I know yesterday they had a copperhead in there," said Christie Peterson.

Peterson has three children at the Clarksville school district.

"My daughter got bit by a copperhead a couple summers ago,” Peterson said. “It's a scary thing.”

Clarksville assistant superintendent Toby Cook said the last snake was caught Monday (Aug. 18).

"10 inches no longer than a foot," Cook said.

Cook said the issue started this summer.

"Most of them are grass snakes there could have been a baby copperhead,” Cook said.

Although some parents said having snakes on the Clarksville School campus can be a bit concerning experts said there's no immediate threat.

Colton Smith is a Fort Smith snake expert. Smith said none of the snakes show signs of being a copperhead.

"They're perfectly harmless," Smith said.

Smith said the snakes are known as a rat snake.

Although no children are at risk the school said they aren't taking any chances.

"We were concerned we don’t want snakes in the gym," Cook said.

No students have been injured or bitten according to Cook.


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