Spiro High School Principal Suspended After Arrest

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SPIRO, OKLAHOMA (KFSM) - The principal of the Spiro High School was suspended with pay after being arrested Monday evening (Aug. 18) on suspicion of carrying a firearm while drunk and driving under the influence of alcohol, according to court documents.

Tracy S. Saling, 50, of Bokoshe was stopped after a Poteau police officer noticed him driving left-of-center several times on the road. The officer also noted in the report that Saling activated his turn signal multiple times for no apparent reason, court documents state.

The school district released this statement, "Tracy Saling our high school principal has been suspended with pay from his duties with the Spiro Public Schools pending completion of an ongoing investigation. Because this is a personnel matter, no one with the Spiro Public Schools will comment further regarding it. I will have no further comment.”

Saling's reaction and movements were slow after he was pulled over, and he had slurred speech. The officer also said in the report that a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage could be detected through the driver's side window, according to court documents.

When asked to exit his vehicle, Saling was unsteady on his feet, and the officer noted he had bloodshot eyes, court documents state.

Saling told the officer he "had a little to drink," and inside the truck Saling was driving, the officer found an open container of beer on the passenger floorboard, according to court documents.

The officer also found several unopened containers of beer, court documents state.

Saling told the officer he had a loaded .40 caliber pistol in the vehicle, and the officer found a loaded Browning Arms .40 caliber pistol under the driver's seat, according to court documents.

The pistol had 10 rounds in the magazine and one round loaded in the chamber. Saling did have a valid Oklahoma handgun license on him, and the officer told him it was illegal to have a loaded firearm while drunk, court documents state.

The officer confiscated the firearm and transported Saling to the Poteau Police Department for booking. While at the department, Saling took a breath test, and his breath alcohol content was 0.29, according to court documents.

Saling was booked into the LeFlore County Detention Center, and he faces charges of DUI, transporting an open container of beer and possession of a loaded firearm while intoxicated, court documents state.


    • Steven

      Is the state run education the governor of Oklahoma was talking about? They have teachers showing up drunk with no pants on, teachers getting caught with their students in hotel rooms and now a principle arrested for DWI while he has a loaded gun in the car. I’d say Oklahoma is off to a could start! Lol

  • Jimmy Bob

    I’m surprised that’s not legal in Oklahoma (having a loaded firearm while under the influence of alcohol), because that seems to be the norm for Oklahomans.

    • Tanya Jackson

      @Billy Bob or Jimmy Bob or whatever your redneck name is, ignorant people like you should not have internet access! You cannot categorize people by the state they live in. Obviously your state has at least one idiot.

  • Marie

    He did Not Display the gun, he did not make any gestures toward the gun. He did Inform the officer that there Was a gun in the vehicle.

    • Jimmy Bob

      It’s still against the law to have a firearm while drinking alcohol. Tell me do you think it’s a good idea for drunks to be carrying around weapons? Not to mention he was drinking and driving which is a crime in itself. I’m sure if you worked at a factory your not in jeopardy of losing your job but when your a principle and a role model for these children, you have to be held to higher standard.

  • really?

    Another drunk with a loaded gun off the streets…… and this one happened to be in charge of a large group of kids.
    Oklahoma is O-K! (that’s sarcasm, btw)

  • Roy

    Wonder what he would do if one of his teachers came to school and blew a point 29 say way to go Bro…. Now get in there and teach them kids!!!!

  • Amanda

    I have known Mr. Saling for many years, and growing up he was someone I looked up to and greatly admired. Yes, he should be held accountable for his actions. Consequences are a part of life and rightly so. It is a sad day when someone makes a mistake and they are raked over the coals. Never mind the good, but to focus only on one incident. Perfection is something that NONE of us will ever achieve. I hope that my own children will look at situations like this with compassion and forgiveness. You never know what struggles another person may have. ” Love your neighbor as yourself” certainly comes to mind after reading these comments.

  • bobreal

    Sad, Hope he gets to Keep His Job.. But has to SPEAK to Students about DUI/DWI; how STUPID and DANGEROUS it is..

  • Jerry Vega

    This is our principal, this isn’t yalls. You can’t judge him on his mistakes when he’s taught is with his goods. Everybody messes up and you should know that. This is merely a small mistake. He didn’t make it to be a principal off of his mistakes, they knew he was a good person and that he was capable of being a great person. I’m a current student enrolled at Spiro High School and he makes my day at least 3 days out of the week. It’s embarrassing to see all these comments of these hypocrites saying he’s a bad person. I’ve made mistakes and it’s a shame that something like this happens but it’s still a mistake. I would love to meet someone who has never made just to see what they look like.

    • Amazed

      It is embarrassing to see all these language errors from a student at this school. If that is the norm, then I question Mr. Saling’s ability as a Principal.

      • Jerry Vega

        Unless your a English teacher than don’t correct me on my grammar. Who are you to judge me on my grammar? What is the norm? Are you meaning to say normal? Your trying to call me out on my grammar but you can’t even spell normal.

      • George Dubya Bush

        There are far worser errors to make than language ones. Heck, this kid mite even be you’re future president!

    • English Is My First Language

      Jerry: Whomever is your English teacher, you need to show this comment to him or her. Maybe ask for tutoring for help speaking English. I know you are a nice young man to defend your principal but we hold people in these positions to a higher professional standard. Thank you for reading.

    • George Dubya Bush

      Thats ok, Jerry. You can still be a patriotic Amurican. Just remember youv’e gotta blindly follow your conservative leaders if ya wanna maintain the freedoms we have.

      • Jerry Vega

        Don’t tell me to learn the English language. I know the English language, obviously yall haven’t done much with yalls lives if yall are commenting on a news website. I’m still in high school and still have opportunities to do something with my life, yall are sitting around not trying to correct my grammar.

      • Jerry Vega

        Yall are sitting around trying to correct my grammar, sorry I can’t type good right now I’m just kind of mad.

  • cecia

    DUI people! True good people make mistakes but we also know right from wrong. It’s wrong to drive while intoxicated. I gaurantee those making the comments of how good he is would not say the same thing had it been anyone else. Think of all the families who lost their loved ones to these good people who chose to drive while intoxicated.

  • Roy

    This is not a “small mistake” Jerry. This is a HUGE mistake! I don’t mind someone drinking some beer or whatever as long as its done at home or some safe place where you don’t have to drive. If he had hit and killed some of your family it certainly be a small mistake to you!

      • Roy

        No, by the grace of God he didn’t. But he may have if he hadn’t been stopped! I understand your admiration for the guy Jerry but demand that he be held accountable for his actions!

      • judy

        hey jerry, don’t let the negativity of some of these people get to you. follow your own dreams & ambitions, your former principal apparently had a positive influence on you, no one can take that away. he did make a mistake & no doubt there will be consequences for that, no one feels that more than him right now….whatever happens, happens…. peace to you young man.

  • MhClark

    Saling is no liberal. Very few people from the countryside of OK are. The problem here is glass houses. Conservatives want to throw stones at everyone who isn’t white, baptist, and rich and then act like this.

  • marcella eaton

    Mr. Sailing made a bad mistake by doing what he did but that doesnt mean he is a terrible person he is my principal and he has helped me get through things and he never judged me after i had done something bad my 9th grade year of High School. I think everyone else should look at their lives before they go to judge him the last thing he needs is for people to be blasting him on the internet instead he needs people being there for him…..He is an awesome principal

  • just wondering

    Sounds like jim bob don’t like us okies. Why you judge the whole state on a few people. Been OKIE all my life and Proud of it. Some of my Best friends are from Arkansas but they don’t rattle and mouth other people based on what someone else does. This man needs to be held accountable for what he has done. Doesn’t matter what State he is from.

  • Julie Saling

    I know that I have known this man for 32 years and I know that there is nothing more important to him than the kids lives that he has touched. I have seen him laugh and cry over the years for the battles that they have to fight I know him very well and know he is a great man that just made a mistake..I know him well because he is my brother-in-law and I have talked with him extensively about the kids he has had the opportunity to love. I repeat he made a mistake and I know that everyone has made mistakes, lucky for us ours are not publicized.

  • atc8824

    People always blame parents for child bad behavior well maybe they are learning bad behavior at school.I have read of lots of teachers of late being arrested for all different type of charges.

  • Britney Kannady

    Seriously where do all you people get that it is okay for YOU to judge? That is for our god to do & him only. Sailing is a wonderful man, regardless of his mistakes.

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