Springdale School Resource Officers Vital To Campus Safety

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -  School resource officers are out in force again this year monitoring hallways in the Springdale School District's high schools, junior highs and middle schools.

Springdale has one of the largest SRO programs in the state, with a staff of ten full-time Springdale police officers.

"We know that our students can't learn if they are not safe, and so we know it's very important that we have the best safety measures in place," said Michael Shepherd, Principal at Lakeside Junior High.

The principal said the officers are a vital part in providing students a safe learning environment.

"Those are the kind of proactive things that really make sure that our students are safe all day long from the time they get off the bus until the time they leave and go home in the afternoon," Shepherd said.

Andrea Lewallen is a school resource officer at Lakeside Junior High. This is her second year working at the school.

"They call me Mama Lew, I love that," she said. "From the time that I got the job here, they were my babies. I have a lot of babies."

Lewallen said it's her responsibility to keep students safe.

"I walk around on a daily basis, outside and inside," she said. "I want to make sure they are safe. If something is not right I am going to fix it. I'm going to do anything in my power to keep these kids safe."

The Springdale School District pays for most of the officer's salary and benefits.