Verizon Takes Top Performance Scores In Arkansas With Recent Tests

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) – Verizon took top scores in Arkansas with recent performance tests done in the first half of 2014, according to a report by Rootmetrics.

Rootmetrics tested the four major U.S. carriers T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, and Verizon took top scores in Arkansas. The carriers were tested in the following areas:

  • Overall performance
  • Reliability index
  • Speed index
  • Data performance
  • Call performance
  • Text performance

In Arkansas, Verizon had top marks in overall performance, speed index, and data performance, according to the report. They tied with AT&T in the reliability index and call performance. AT&T took top marks in text performance, the report states.

“Verizon’s network coverage across Arkansas is second to none, and this is further proof that we are the carrier Arkansans can depend on when it comes to reliability, speed and overall performance,” said Kristi Crum, president of Verizon in Arkansas.

In Oklahoma, the results were a little more mixed. Verizon ranked above AT&T in the speed index and data performance, but AT&T took top scores in the reliability index, call performance and text performance. The overall performance of Verizon and AT&T in Oklahoma was a tie, according to the report.

Rootmetrics ranked T-Mobile and Sprint below Verizon and AT&T in every category both in Arkansas and nationally, but Sprint and T-Mobile were not far away from each other in every category, both trading positions for third and fourth place in every category, the report states.

To see the full report, click here.


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