Bicycles, Skateboards Not Allowed In Area Of Arkansas Campus

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A new rule called Walk, Don't Ride begins on the University of Arkansas campus Monday. Cyclists will have to get off their bikes and walk them through a heavy pedestrian area.

"I don't see it being a big deal about getting to class on time or missing classes or anything else, but it's going to be a's not going to be a detrimental shock but it is going to catch people by surprise," Senior Josh Vines said.

The walk zone will be bordered by the Arkansas Union building to the west, Campus Walk to the east, the School of Law to the north and the Fine Arts building to the south. See map below.

"If you're a biker and you ride a bike to get to your class really quickly, you might have to leave a little bit earlier," Freshman Griffin Pierpont said.

University officials said there will be sandwich boards that say "walk zone" posted around the area, and that campus police officers will be walking around enforcing the new rule.

University of Arkansas police officer Gary Crain said the new rule is an opportunity to educate cyclists and skateboards about riding habits. Pierpont said riders aren't always cautious around pedestrians.

"I think if you're riding a bike on campus you should at least be aware of your surroundings," He said, "And make sure you're not almost hitting people or being reckless, because it's just a common courtesy thing."

Crain said with enrollment of the university going up every year, the Walk, Don't Ride rule was inevitable.

"This is something that has been mulled over for years you know anticipating the growth of the number of students, the number of people that might have bikes, and looking forward it's just time now to take that first step," Officer Crain said.

The walk zone will only apply Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Walk Zone Map


  • Arkajun

    Hey cyclists and skateboarders….feeling a little discriminated against because of your chosen mode of transportation?? There’s a brand new law in Fayetteville that can probably fix that problem for you. Just have your attorney contact the city council….Poor Fayetteville, another new rule.

  • Really

    A bicycle is not a car, if the rider hits someone they are just as likely to be injured as well. Anyone saying cyclists need to be attentive is someone who doesn’t ride and is just looking at it like a car driver; someone who doesn’t care about cyclists. Newsflash, pedestrians can injure cyclists and probably have, but blamed it on the cyclists and everyone just agreed the cyclists must have been lying. There is not one single place in Fayetteville that only bicycles are allowed, but there are places that only pedestrians or only automobiles are. Seems like cyclists really aren’t wanted anywhere, they are just tolerated.

  • Really

    I know several people who have been hit by drivers in Fayetteville, myself included, and unless there is major injury it just gets brushed off as no big deal. Most of the time they try to pin the blame of being hit on the cyclist. When a cyclist has an accident with a pedestrian they are also the first to be blamed. What’s going on here? Does anyone really care about the safety of cyclists in Fayetteville or is it just more of the status quo? Put the blame on all cyclists, move them off to the side and continue on, problem solved.

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