Investigators Seek Clues In Torching Of Razorback QB’s Truck

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - Authorities on Tuesday (Aug. 26) continued investigating a fire that destroyed a truck belonging to University of Arkansas quarterback Brandon Allen.

Allen's Chevrolet Avalanche was burned in a suspected case of arson before daybreak on Monday (Aug. 25) in his driveway at 1125 W. Hendrix St. in Fayetteville.

More than two hours before that incident, an apparent arsonist also burned a Chevrolet Avalanche belonging to a man identified as Eli Mattioli, investigators said.  Also, a Toyota Prius belonging to a first-year law student, Laura Cox, was destroyed in the same blaze that left Mattioli's  truck a burned-out shell. Her car was parked beside Mattioli's truck at 711 W. Douglas St. in the 1:34 a.m. fire. That blaze also scorched a part of the apartment building.

Mattioli's apartment near the university campus is less than a mile from Allen's house, authorities said.

At Allen's house, his truck alarm went off about 4 a.m., waking him from sleep, he said. Allen went outside and saw his truck on fire. The truck rolled down Allen's driveway across the street and into a ditch. When firefighters arrived, the truck was in flames, authorities said. Allen's truck was later taken to NWA Towing and Recovery in Fayetteville.

In a regularly scheduled news conference on Monday, Razorback Coach Bret Bielema said team officials are letting authorities handle the investigation. The Razorbacks are scheduled to open their season with a road game on Saturday afternoon against SEC West rival Auburn.

Police said they are unsure if the two incidents early Monday are connected but said they believe both trucks were intentionally set on fire.

"Maybe these people had a mutual friend or enemy," said Sgt. Craig Stout of the Fayetteville Police Department.






  • No

    This is complete BS! His football life and his personal life needs to be kept separately. He did nothing wrong to cause harm to anyone and people are treating him like he’s a thief or a murderer.

  • Iam anon

    If not for his “football life” he wouldn’t even be on the news. A public figure is a public figure. Amazing how they love the good but think the bad is unfair.

  • Steven

    Wow! That’s crazy! It’s just football. His personal life needs to be kept separate from what happens on the field. I love football but sometimes I wonder if we take it to serious down here in the south. Get an education, a job and a life. Don’t live and die on how your football team does. Life goes on and you’ll live, no matter what happens to your team. Lol

  • Jo

    HahAhaha I find it quite funny that everyone here commenting are the same ones who commented about Petrino and how terrible he was.. Or when Matt jones did coke in his own vehicle lol everything they do comes back to football bc that’s who they r they knew it when they signed up!!

  • Lurker

    Heck with truck, he can buy another. Probably just missed a recall.
    But the golf clubs, that’s another story.

  • moneymyst

    No one was mad at him. He helped all the opposing schools win last season. Had to be random. Or he did miss with a match. Only the perp or the vic knows for sure.

  • Larry Evans

    There are some cruel on here that need their cars burned. Then we could all decide how funny it is.

    • Billy from philly

      Snarky comments are cruel but burning cars because of Snarky comments isn’t cruel? Okie doke

  • Kelly Mace

    Dear FSM, Please take some responsibility in protecting our Student Athletes and DO NOT INCLUDE THEIR ADDRESS in your news report. I realize he’s an “adult” and can take care of himself but now every sicko on the internet has it.
    Respectfully, Kelly Mace

  • Hondo

    Some of you folks are just childish this is a game he is a student athlete trying to get through school and things like this do not help, if this was just a random act which I hope it was, then I hope they catch whoever it is, if someone burned his truck because he had a hard time recovering from an injury and endured great personal sacrifice to play last year, then when they catch the person I would hope that they prosecute this as a hate crime.

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