Razorbacks Fans React To Car Fires

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - The Razorbacks are only days away from their season opening game versus Auburn.

Many Razorback fans said Brandon Allen’s car fire should be nothing but motivation for the quarterback.

“Tensions are high right now. It’s the first week,” said Will Berry, a freshman at the U of A.

Students at the university were in their first classes of the year on Monday (Aug. 25.)

“I didn’t believe it, like, did this really happen,” said Felisa Ruiz, a freshman.

According to students, word spread quickly about the car fires via social media.

“It was crazy, I saw it on twitter,” Ruiz said.

Some students at the U of A said they think the fires were an outside job.

“I think it was someone not affiliated with the U of A,” Berry said.

“You just feel so safe here, but it can really happen to anybody,“ said Caleb Crabtree, a freshman.

The Fayetteville Police Department hasn’t found a suspect yet.

Meanwhile, some fans say this should motivate the quarterback, and team, to play harder this weekend at Auburn.

“It could help us play, honestly, if he is angry about it,” Crabtree said. “That’s dangerous, that life threatening, so I think we should use that as fuel.”

“It’s unfortunate for him, but I think it is really going to fire up our team,” Berry said.

The fans we spoke to said they believe this incidence will help the Razorbacks win this Saturday (Aug. 30.)

“There’s not much you can do in the streets, but there is a lot you can do in the field,” said John Howard, a freshman.

“It going to fire them up, we’re going to beat auburn this week,” Berry said.

The Razorbacks face Auburn this Saturday in Alabama.

Kickoff is at 3 PM.