Series Of Church Robberies Under Investigation In Washington County

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) - The Washington County Sheriff's Office is investigating several break-ins at churches throughout the past week.

“We are up to four different churches that were broke into,” said Sgt. Kenneth Albright. “All in the northeast corner of our county.”

One of the churches broken into, and robbed, was Sonora Baptist Church.

“They kicked down my office door,” said Danny Williams, senior pastor at Sonora Baptist Church.

A window in the church was shattered.

Someone also sprayed the church halls with fire extinguishers, and then stole the safe in the pastor's office.

“I think they took the safe because they thought there was money in the safe,” Williams said.

However, Williams says they never keep money in the church facility.

“[The suspect] is going to be surprised, because there wasn`t any money in the safe,” Williams said.

In reality, the safe was filled with historical church records from more than 50 years ago.

Williams tells 5NEWS he had the safe in order to protect those documents from a fire, or storm.

Williams ultimately wants the documents back, saying they are irreplaceable.

“We would really like to get those back, that is very important for us to get those back,” Williams said.

Williams said he has already forgiven the thief.

“My goal is to be able to help the person that did this,” Williams said. “[They are] more important to me than the documents or anything [they] did.”

Meanwhile, the Washington County Sherriff’s Office continues to investigate the series of break-ins.

“Right now they are still open investigations,” Albright said.

Authorities ask that anyone with any information contact police.

“What you feel may not have any relation to it, might be the piece of evidence we need to get someone charged with this.” Albright said.

Meanwhile, Williams said he wants to help the suspect redirect their life.

“I would also say to the person that I love them,” Williams said.

Authorities tell 5NEWS they collected DNA evidence at the scene of some of the churches.

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