Legislators Tour UAFS Robotics Program

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State legislators met at the University of Arkansas of Fort Smith Wednesday (Aug.27) to tour the Baldor Technology Center and to take a sneak peek at a newly accredited robotics program.

For the first time, state legislators toured the labs at the University and took a look at what all they have to offer students. " We want them to see what we are doing on our campus," said Dr. Georgia Hale who is Dean of Applied Science and Technology. " We want them to see not only the campus, but the fact that we have a mission that is critical to the econimic development of this region and we are producing people that are actually going to grow and work."

According to Dr. Hale,"They'll see the welding area, the automotive area, they'll see the robots and the robotics lab and see what's happening, then they will go up and see one of our technology labs with our animation technology program."

Students in this program will someday recieve their degree in engineering. " We train people with certificates and associate degrees, thats get them ready to enter the workforce," said Dr. Hale.

Lewis Hill who already works at Georgia Pacific as electronic engineer is just one of serveral people taking part in the program to further his training. "It makes my job easier and its just interesting learning the new technology," said Hill.

Fort Smith business leaders were also at the event to speak with legislators about their relationship with the University.