Former Cedarville Treasurer Arrested On Suspicion Of Theft

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CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) – The former Cedarville treasurer has been arrested on suspicion of theft, according to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.

Alicson Reding, 37, was booked into the Crawford County Detention Center and faces seven counts of felony theft of property, authorities said.

Reding was investigated by Arkansas State Police in an embezzlement case involving money that went missing from the city of Cedarville while she was the recorder-treasurer in April. She resigned after the investigation was started.

Her bond was set at $10,000, and her next hearing is scheduled for Wednesday (Sept. 3) at 8:30 a.m., according to authorities.


  • John Q Public

    Seems like Cedarville needs to take posession of a catfish restaurant and stores in Van Buren to try to recoup their money. Family investments my foot…more like Cedarville investments.
    I was beginning to wonder if Beverly Pyle (her mother) had succeeded in covering up the whole mess and swept it under the Crawford County Courthouse. Keep checking…more trash in the Pyle.

  • Larry

    Cedarville is full of theives. The new restraunt has 5921 felony counts of computer hacking with a rural fire computer in the cc courthouse. The rural fire 4 chief has 10 felony counts of theft. And that just for starts. Geez. Where do folks put their trust nowadays.

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