High School Students To Sing With “Foreigner” At AMP

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ROGERS (KFSM) – 25 students from Rogers High School will be performing alongside the band Foreigner at the AMP.

The group was selected last spring to sing alongside the band at Friday’s (Aug. 29) concert.

“We put in hard work here,” said Darrion Gentry, a student at Rogers High. “It’s just nice that it is finally paying off.”

With the AMP recently reopening, the group will be the first set of high school students to perform at the venue.

The group will sing Foreigner hit “I want to know what love is” alongside the band at the show.

“It is wonderful for the kids. They get so much exposure, and they have a wonderful time with an experience they’ll never have again,“ said Judy Meeks, choir director at Rogers High.

The group of students will also be selling the band’s CD’s throughout the concert, with proceeds going to the Grammy Foundation, a foundation that promotes music education in schools.

“It’s not like we just sing for fun, but we actually get out in the community,” said Maggie Mankin, a student at Rogers High.

Students tell 5NEWS they are excited for the opportunity.

“I am pumped to be able to do this,” Gentry said.

“The kids are all juiced,” Meeks said. “They really do know the group, and they are really excited about singing with them.”


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