Waldron Man Facing 20 Counts of Rape

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WALDRON (KFSM) – A Waldron man was arrested and booked into the Scott County Detention Center Friday (August 29) on suspicion of 20 counts of rape, according to a post on the Waldron Police Department’s Facebook page.

The department said James Neal Bynum was booked on 20 counts of Rape and six counts of Sexual Assault 2nd Degree, involving juvenile males.

Police said his arrest comes after a lengthy investigation conducted by the Waldron Police Department, Arkansas State Police CID and Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children.


    • kris

      Isn’t that the truth! Its the trend of things in this country for many years now. Lady Justice was blind until served, now she does what is bid of her by those in positions of authority! The first two comments I read already had this man tried and guilty. All based on an arrest. This is all across the nation…and its disturbing to see!

  • DC

    What happened to good old boy lynch mobs, like that were around in the 30’s. Maybe we need to bring that type of attitude back again.

    • Get Real

      Great idea DC, until you’re the one on the end of a rope. If he is found guilty by a jury of his peers, which is highly likely given the charge, let him pay the price. The “good old boy lynch mobs” are still around DC, you can find them on nearly every comment section, every day, right here. Their bravery is from behind a computer nowadays. In real life they are held accountable for their actions, as both they and this suspect should be.

  • Gottalaugh

    In cases like this where children are involved, and this is just my thoughts on the matter, it should be guilty until proven innocent. When someone messes with a child that is disgusting, and unforgivable. It stays with that child all thier life. If he is innocent, he can prove it.

  • JustSaying

    People are not just arrested on TWENTY counts for giggles. I’m with “gottalaugh” when it comes to kids- guilty until proven innocent seems like the way to go.

  • NotarocketscientistBUT

    Umm…… 26 counts rings pretty loudly to me. 1 count, yea maybe, but this looks pretty well obvious.

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