VIDEO: Auburn’s Ball Boy Is Really Fast

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Auburn's ball boy was able to keep up with Melvin Ray as he ran a 49-yard touchdown in last Saturday's game against the Razorbacks.

Watch the video above, and see just how quick he is.


    • Ted

      Another local news site has the following segments on their website:

      Arkansas Coaches Recap Auburn Loss
      What Happened To The Hogs Offensive Against Auburn?
      A Tale of Two Halves
      RN Arkansas-Auburn Defensive Breakdown
      Razorback Nation Roundtable Discussion (8-31-14)

      KFSM has videos about Auburn’s “spirit animal” and their ball boy.

  • Hayden

    Good Golly, Ted, give it a rest. This is fun to look at. KFSM covered other aspects of the game as well.

    And might I add, ARKANSAS’s ball boys are pretty good speedsters themselves. :)

    • Ted

      Gosh amighty, Hayden, KFSM only has 1 story on the actual game and it’s aftermath. I guess it’s too much to ask this Arkansas news station to actually report Arkansas news and not Auburn ephemera.

      • Hayden

        Well flippum-flappum-cheezum-whizzum, Ted. You sure are crafty and clever with your words….. however I see your point. You care, and I respect that, therefore I will abide. Besides, at the end of the day, we are both HOGS Fans! Let’s have our own little article here:

        At first I was not, however I am worried that the first half may have been an adrenaline-induced surprise. I like to think that we are now good enough to win some SEC games this year. I like how Brandon Allen looked in the pocket as well as his ability to take off only when needed (although I do wish he was a little more aware of his field presence on the dive for the first down). His passes were on for the most part. And the secondary needs to focus on the tackle and not ripping the ball out. My opinions, what are yours?

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