Several Hundred Lose Power in Benton County

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) – Several hundred people were without power for about an hour in Benton County Friday (Sept. 5) morning, according to the outage map on the Carroll Electric website.

913 people, all near the Beaver Lake area, were affected.

The cause for the outages is unknown.




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  • Probably a squirrel...

    Was really hungry, so he thought he would take a bite of power line. Problem was his hind feet were on the ground line. You’d think these squirrels would have learned by now, watching their cousins do the same thing with explosive results. I propose we create an Electrical Education Program for Squirrels (EEPS). It would be funded by the members of all electric cooperatives. This program would teach squirrels which power lines are edible/inedible, and that power poles are not trees to climb on. Also, they would learn that power substations are not amusement parks where they can jump from line to line without shocking results.

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