Mark Darr Reimburses State In Full

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LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) – Attorney General Dustin McDaniel announced today that the Attorney General’s Office has received payment from former Lt. Gov. Mark Darr for $10,973, the amount identified by the Division of Legislative Audit for collection by McDaniel.

Darr provided the Attorney General’s Office with a check for the entire amount today, thus resolving the matter without a need for litigation.

A state audit report, which was presented to a legislative committee in December 2013, says Darr should pay back $9,836 for excess travel reimbursements and $2,339 for improper use of his state credit card.

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  • Hondo

    It is interesting that the State Auditor’s Office for over three years approved this person’s expense reports, and not too long after he announced he was running for another office…this “mistake” was found? For over three years this office makes this “mistake” in approving the expense report…then with the powers that be wants a person to pay it back in about 6-7 months??? And why did someone in the State Auditor’s Office not lose their job, or get singled out and asked to resign as the Governor asked this person to resign? If this office made mistakes on this person, what other mistakes are they making? Should we now look into all expense reports for those serviing the State House and Senate, no matter what party? A lot of questions should have been directed to the State Audior’s Office in my opinion, especially from news organizations. There is no investigation any more in stories.

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