Hutchinson, Ross In Favor Of Higher Minimum Wage

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Voters this fall are going to decide whether they raise the minimum wage in Arkansas.

Both candidates for governor say they support it.

“I`ve always been in favor of raising the minimum wage,” said Asa Hutchinson, Republican Candidate for Governor.

The minimum wage in Arkansas right now is $6.25 an hour.

“Because people are struggling,” Hutchinson said.

Mike Ross, Democratic Candidate for Governor, says he's consistently voted to raise the minimum wage while serving in congress and supports raising the state's minimum wage. He says he signed the petition to get the minimum wage initiative on the November ballot.

If approved the minimum wage would go to $8.50 an hour by 2017.

The race for governor will also be on the November fourth ballot, along with other statewide and local elections.



  • Madison

    Never mind that you probably should have mentioned that is below the Federal Minimum Wage of $7.25 and if the employer does more than $500k a year in business they must pay the Federal Minimum Wage. As always, nicely done on in-depth reporting…..not.

  • matt

    I understand that when you make bad choices like having a kid when you cant afford it, but now you demand more money from the people who didn’t put a burden on the system. thanks.

      • matt

        I am for birth control, especially for the Hispanics since they multiply like rabbits. The public school system is a joke, send your kids to a private school or home school them. Faith outreach if you have a relationship with god keep it to yourself, or go to church. Abortion is a touchy issue for me. I don’t like the procedure but it is necessary for culling the herd.

    • matt

      Easy there, the entitlement crowd will want you banned for that kind of post. The last part of your post is the most important. My kids are out of the house employed and at college, my neighbors kids must be vampires because they never come out in the daytime.

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