Central City Resident Hosts Annual Special Olympics Family Day

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SEBASTIAN COUNTY (KFSM)-A Central City resident hosted the fifth annual Special Olympics Family Day on his property on Saturday (Sept. 6).

“It’s for the families to come out here together,” Greg Whitsitt said. “It’s not very often that as a unit these families with their special needs kid and their brothers and their sisters and their fathers have an opportunity to all come together and they are all very, very delighted to come out here and have fun together.”

Festivities and sights to see included a fishing derby, four-wheelers, rock crawlers, local law enforcement and lots of food.

“They’re having so much joy and that just brings joy to us,” Whitsitt said.

He said the event would not be possible without all the volunteers.

"What makes it rewarding for I think any of the volunteers and for us especially is to see these guys have fun and do things they actually have probably never done in their life and may not even do again until next year,” Whitsitt said.

Whitsitt is also the owner of Greg’s Too Car Care Center in Fort Smith. He said next year’s event will take place either the first or the third week of September.