Washington County Detention Officer Posts Eye Shadow ‘Mug Shot’ Of Herself

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – A detention officer at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office has posted pictures on her personal Facebook page, showing herself wearing eye shadow similar to that in a booking photo taken earlier this week of an inmate at the detention center.

“Soooooo, here’s my challenge,” Detention Officer Livona Springston says in a Facebook post on Friday (Sept. 5), “now ladies it’s up to you.”

The picture above is from Springston’s Facebook page.

Some people who commented on the Facebook post note that she is a “copycat” who looks like a woman accused of attempting to steal $144 in eye shadow from a local store.

As first reported by 5NEWS earlier this week, Brandy Allen, 31, of Fayetteville was arrested on suspicion of stealing makeup from the Ulta Beauty Store in Fayetteville. Since then, the story went viral on media sites across the globe, appearing on television network shows and online news sites such as The Smoking Gun, Huffington Post, the New York Daily News, and Yahoo. (Allen is pictured below in her detention center mug shot.)

The story of the arrest generated more than four million views on the 5NEWS Facebook page.

Allen faces charges of shoplifting and disorderly conduct. Both potential charges are misdemeanors. She was released from the detention on an $830 bond and has a Sept. 26 court date.

Springston is listed on the Washington County Sheriff’s Office website as a detention officer. On her Facebook page, she notes she has worked at the Sheriff’s Office since November 2007.

One person who commented on Springston’s Facebook post wrote, “Did you steal that eye make-up?”

Another person wrote, “We need a side by side on Channel 5.”





    • Jon & Deek

      Guys! http://www.Facebook.com/loyalandroyalarmy you can join our contest to “Out-Shadow Brandy Allen” contest to win $144 worth of Crabbys. Its been going since Thursday. We have had some amaaaaaaaazing duplications. So enter your pic today. Free food is free food. And nobody’s stealing make-up to do it.

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      • Kathy Reynolds

        Looks like we need some professional ethics classes for our Washington County Detention officers. It doesn’t matter that it is on her personal Facebook. I am a therapist and I cannot ethically go on my Facebook and make fun of a client. It may be funny, but, it is anything but professional.

      • bk

        I get she was trying to be funny and make a point, hell I thought it was funny. But it was very unprofessional and makes our law enforcement look bad. With everything that’s gone on the last year, we really can’t afford that. If they let her go, that’s on her hands. Make good choices y’all, one word can change everything.

  • Mel

    This is not professional conduct; however, professionalism has not been a common practice lately at the Washington County Detention Center. No matter how much you want to post a picture that mocks someone who had been arrested, it is not a wise decision. You should have thought about that a bit before you sent it out to the public. Obviously, someone leaked your thoughtless mocking or your settings for Facebook are public domain. Very sad.

  • sid stevens

    I thought this was a News organization, NOT TMZ or the National Enquirer or some other rag. Is Ch5 SOO desperate for Facebook “likes” it stoops to this? You got your :15 minutes of viral fame at the expense of the arrested girl already. Bullying is ugly. Even when News organizations and cirrections officers do it.

  • Elaphas

    What do you expect from a bunch of Obama humpers? 5News is NOT a news organization. It is nothing more than a local liberal propaganda outlet that also specializes in trash stories such as this.

  • Mary

    I think it is very unprofessional for someone to act this way. You should not make fun of anybody. The detention officer should not be making fun of people that she is suppose to be taking care of during their detainment. Maybe she should work elsewhere.

  • Mel

    Obama is not mentioned any where in this story. Can you read? This is about someone in a position of authority in Washington county (not Washington DC) who behaved in an unprofessional manner.

  • PH

    Are you serious people!? I mean the lady took a selfie and I think it is awesome! Do I think this is story worthy no… but get real people. What do you want them to do. Investigate her and see if she used her badge to buy the eye shadow or use the comapnys camera to take the pic. You know if this was anyone else no one would have said anything at all. This was on her personal page so Im pretty sure she has the right to take a selfie with the cotton candy eye shadow.

  • Mel

    You don’t get it. She is mocking a person who under is considered to be innocent until proven guilty. It doesn’t matter if the detainee has eye shadow from her brow to her navel; the officer should keep her mouth shut. As a correction officer, it is not professional to post derogatory comments about people who are in your charge. It doesn’t matter that this woman’s mug shot has gone viral. As a correction officer, she must take a pass at poking fun at this woman even when others do not. People are disciplined and or fired all the time for poor judgement on or off duty. This is a text book example of poor judgment.

  • missy

    I can tell you that this woman is very very very accepting of other people. She did this as a good laugh that is all. It was national news. The radio station is even hosting a contest. We all want to bash officers until we need them. Shes a good person (and know I do not work for the dept)

  • Mel

    You still don’t get it. Bad or good , viral or not – it was wrong. There is no getting around that. She basically flip the bird to the code of ethics in law enforcement. I love police officers. I am just not fond of people who mock others, guilty or not, who obviously need help, not ridicule. There are some very tough and difficult professions – police, doctors, teachers, etc. but they still have to behave in a professional manner regardless of how unusual or dangerous the situation might be. Her situation was to simply withhold her public mocking of someone who was in her charge. What could possibly be the defense for not doing that one simple thing?

  • Jack

    What a horrible story. Not only is the premise dumb but it was poorly executed. A 7th grader could have formed a better story that actually flows well and makes sense.

  • pete

    She needs to be fired and then booked into the Washington county jail, and then people can make fun of her. See if she thinks its funny then. The misguided professional ethics of this officer, if I dare say public servant, is way off skew. The lady that allegedly stole the makeup is innocent until proven guilty. Law enforcement, the prosecution, and the judge are obligated and should be in the middle of the proverbial scale of justice to make sure it’s balanced and fair. It is their responsibility and duty to make sure justice prevails. The detention officer should be fired for unprofessional conduct and has possibly set the prosecution up for an immediate mistrial due to unfair bias of the Washington county courts, if not a lawsuit by the defendant. Because the detention officer is a representative of the sheriff’s office, which is an elected official of the people of Washington County, who represents Washington County, and reflects on the sheriff, the judge, and all the people there of. This hits to seed of what some demographics perceive law enforcement profiling certain people, is above the law, and have the arrogance and swagger to rub that fact into people’s faces

  • Brando

    Thanks 5news for the story. Good job on failing to report real news. For those of us in Sebastian county who see stories like this that tells us that stories like this in NWA are more important than real stories in the River Valley. Like the house fire in Huntington last month where the footage that was shown wasn’t the one that was on fire. Be nice
    if there was a station that actually reported news in this area.

  • Jethro

    Unprofessional. Not unlawful, but it reveals just how the Sheriff’s Dept uniformed employees view their jobs. If a prosecutor mocked a suspect, or if a police officer posted a selfie holding a bottle of booze with the intent of playing off of some recent DWI booking photo would that be acceptable?

    And completely unrelated, but isn’t the Washington County Sheriff running for reelection?

    And Channel 5, this is pathetic. The initial shoplifting story was maybe news. But quit trying to milk this.

  • Pennywise

    Okay, it was tacky and unprofessional. Does she deserve to lose her job? No, not in my opinion. A verbal censure is in order though.

  • Tkay

    I just recently came across this lady and she had a rotten attitude to say the least. I know jail is not a place to be babied but she was the devil!

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