Women in Rogers for Blogging Conference

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ROGERS (KFSM) – About 100 women spent the weekend (Sept. 5-7) in Rogers for the fourth annual Arkansas Women Bloggers conference.

The conference goes beyond writing and photography skills, organizers said. Participants will learn about how to brand their blogs, and how to use new digital tools to measure success.

Stephanie Buckley started Arkansas Women Bloggers six years ago, and it has expanded to seven other states: Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri and Georgia. In Arkansas alone, 650 bloggers are a part of the community.

“A blogger really needs to find their niche. And sure there are a lot of people in that niche. But it takes a lot of work, a lot of time,” Buckley said. “You have to consistently provide good content and consistently be out there.”

Rhonda Franz is a freelance writer who attended the conference this weekend for the first time.

“I write about everything from education, cooking, parenting and family health and wellness, and all kinds of activities to do with children,” Franz said. “It’ll be on my calendar for next year.”

But what these women do goes beyond sitting behind a laptop – some use blogs to help sell their crafts.

“I blog about what I make,” Beth Macre said. She’s a blogger and Etsy shop owner from Springdale.

Macre, along with other women, have enjoyed making friends within the blogging community.

“[My] normal friends don't really blog that much, so it's really been nice to come in and connect with other women that do blog,” Macre said.

For more information, visit www.ArkansasWomenBloggers.com .


    • Tiffany H

      There is nothing wrong with having a group that is designed for a specific demographic. Isn’t that the point of most clubs? You find people that you can relate to and build it into a community. Plus by making it as specific as possible, you can reach out to the people who are in need of that type of support. I, for one, was thrilled when I found out that there was a group of women who not only share my same passion, but that lived in my state. It has been truly helpful.

      With that being said, there were some awesome men in attendance as well that participated in the workshops as both panelists and attendees. It was an amazing experience and we thank the people of Rogers and the Embassy Suites for making the accommodations as enjoyable as the conference itself. :)

  • Amanda

    There were some men there Kevin but there are far more women bloggers than men. If you check out the #AWBU hashtag on Twitter, you will see there were some great men present!

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