B17 Flying Fortress Lands At XNA

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Highfill (KFSM)- One of the 9 surviving B17 Flying Fortresses is at the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) Monday (Sept. 8).  The vintage bomber landed around 6:00 p.m and stay until Wednesday.

The B17 Flying Fortress played a crucial role in WWII. The Texas Raiders is owned by the Commemorative Air Force Gulf Coast Wing, a non-profit organization.

The bomber went through eight years of extensive restoration. It cost more than $600,000 to bring it to flying condition.

Lt. Colonel Buster McCall is a University of Arkansas Professor of Aerospace Studies.

”This one fully-restored B17 coming into Northwest Arkansas stands as a rugged tribute to all those airmen who served in the past, still serve and in the future who are flying, fighting and winning to maintain the safety of our nation and the liberties that we all come to expect here in the United States,” McCall said.

McCall said the airmen would go on dangerous missions. He said during one mission more than 1,000 airmen were killed who were in 100 bombers.

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, very few of these bombers exist," McCall said. "If you are someone who likes technology, come see this plane because it was state of the art technology at the time when it flew and it will give you a sense of where we are now as to where we were then."

The B17 Texas Raiders was delivered to the US Army Air Force in July 1945 and its been owned by the Commemorative Air Force since 1967.

There will be 30-minute rides and tours with crew members.

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  • Derrick

    “Lt. Coroner Buster McCall”…………….“Very few of these bombers exist and just to get in there and touch and feel things like the Norton bomb site, which state of the art there.”

    The grammar and lack of proofing in this article is atrocious.

    • Grammar@5NewsEnglish.com

      At least they are consistent, though. When I click on the news story I was confident there would be typo’s, but really you can’t nitpick them over this. Now if it was a website that was journalistic in nature, it would be a different story. Journalism websites SHOULD be held to a higher standard of grammar and such, but since this website doesn’t fall under that category we can give them a free-pass on this stuff =)

  • My .02 worth

    Why not put into the story that hte 30 minutes rides cost over $400.00 per person (b17texasraiders.org) and maybe where one would go at XNA if they want to see it

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