Benton County Mayor Encourages Women To March Naked Against Muslims, Says It Was Joke

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SULPHUR SPRINGS (KFSM) – The mayor of a Benton County town says he was joking when he suggested women walk around naked Sept. 11 in order to offend Muslims. He also suggested men sit on lawn chairs and drink beer in support.

A post on Sulphur Springs Mayor Greg Barber’s Facebook page declares Thursday as “Walk Naked In America Day”. The post states American women should circle their blocks naked at 10 a.m. as an anti-terrorism effort. If a Muslim man sees anyone other than his wife naked, “he must commit suicide,” the post states.

The post was later edited to say, “I’ve just encountered the most ridiculous, I can’t take a joke, busybodies ever.”

Barber also called out the people who forwarded his original post to others, saying, “Evidently, they have a soft spot for terrorist.”

The mayor received several comments of encouragement on the post.

The original post also said men should show their support for the women by sitting on their front lawns with six-packs of beer.

“Since Islam does not approve of alcohol, a cold six-pack at your side is further proof of your patriotism,” the post states.

5NEWS talked Monday with Barber about the situation, but he declined to comment on the record.

The post was taken from an email that began circulating on the internet in 2001 and has been shared sporadically since.

See the original post below:

mayor muslim post

See the mayor’s edited response below:

mayor muslim post 2


  • missy

    Channel 5. Please report something newsworthy and stay off of peoples personal facebook if you have to throw officers and officials under the bus may I suggest sending a reporter out in various towns to find real news events. Trolling peoples personal facebook pages are not news its desperation of your ability to find real news sources. Honestly its the lazy way out. Regardless of if I disagree with these individuals or not…..there’s better news out there i’m sure of it.

  • How Sad

    And this is the problem with America. We cant be funny because it may hack someone off. Geez find some real new and something important.

  • greg barber

    I am Greg Barber. This joke has been around for years. This news channel, nor any reporter has ever tried to reach me. They were contacted by former mayor Bobby Simon who almost bankrupted our city and resigned 5 times. Evidently this reporter is a close personnel friend or just as bright as the Simons.

    • Shain Bergan

      Hi Mayor, did you get my messages? I also sent my info to your Facebook. Feel free to call or email me with comment. Thanks so much!

      • Bob Gnarly

        If Managing Editor Larry Henry’s example is to be followed you’re getting it all wrong, Shain. You’re supposed to chum it up with every politician you meet. Perhaps you should watch that interview with Congressman Womack and take some notes.

      • Bob Gnarly

        Shain, perhaps you should watch your managing editor’s interview with Congressman Womack and take notes to see how you’re supposed to treat politicians.

      • Sissy

        What you could be reporting on are all of the beheadings of men, WOMEN , and CHILDREN going on daily. Maybe report on the fact that, as we speak, these people are plotting to kill an unknown amount of people in the name of their religion. Your news station is the laughing stock of all new stations! Keep on reporting what matters… imbeciles

      • Hayden

        Actually, Sissy, KFSM is not a laughing joke. I suppose you only watch stations that report only the things that you care about? What station (local, regional, and/or national) again? I would love to see their story lineup as well as their website. There better not be any human interest stories on there or you are soooooooo going to get lit up on here. :)

        I look forward to your response.

    • Margie Brooks

      It is getting ridiculous out there. It was only a joke ! It was funny too and it has been out there for a bit all over facebook. I think someone is upset with you and am wondering if maybe you stepped on somebody’s toes that thought they were above getting stepped on. Most people will realize how petty and small minded this is. I would not be a bit surprised if this doesn’t make you even more friends. I don’t live in your city but if I did I would search you out tomorrow and shake your hand.


    It’s newsworthy because it shows that any idiot can convince 30 people in a town of 550 to vote him into public office. Sure he may be only joking that he’s racist, but I think anyone might consider suicide after seeing this guys wife naked, regardless if they are Muslim or not.

    • Sissy

      So are you saying you’re any better by insulting his wife? Please! I’ve known Greg my whole life.. he is one of the most upstanding men I know. It was a JOKE! This screams of a conspiracy started by an administration that was , at best, inadequate. I guess all of the drugs are off the streets and all the children safe and fed, since this is what makes me news. Good grief!

    • David Hardison

      I have known “this guy’s wife” since she was fourteen. Guaranteed she is more of a lady than you could ever be or have in your life (not sure of your gender). Pretty immature of you to take a shot at her in this forum.

      • SASNAKRA

        It’s ok, I was just joking. That makes it ok right? Sheesh.

        I was just commenting on the stereotype that all redneck mayors of towns of 550 people have wives that make toothless pigs look attractive..

  • Hannah Sales

    You may wanna know a bit more about our town before you call him an idiot. He is the first city official in over a decade to accomplish public works improvements to our town and for the first time in 7 years we have had a paid and properly staffed police department not filled with criminals or used as the mayors personal enforcement.
    It is a very redneck area and he fits right in but he cares about our town and it’s betterment so perhaps you should qualify your attempted snark.

  • Jason

    Yep that’s our mayor. He’s no Ted Nugent though. Word has it we won’t even have our damned streets plowed this winter because there’s no money to fix the truck. But I’ve got plenty of beer so I won’t be going anywhere anyway.

  • David Hardison

    Can you believe this man had the nerve to post a video of two fathers at a playground pretending to be super heroes? The gall of some people… Why don’t you dig up some real news?

  • Dee

    I find it ironic that he refers to Muslims as terrorists. I guess every Muslim is a terrorist? If your a mayor you have to know that everything you post publicly is open to critisicim. So I understand how some of y’all are saying channel 5 is going to a new low. I say this mayor is classless and pretty low.

  • Hannah Sales

    Hi master context remover. I suppose you don’t recall the America we lived in post 9/11 where we found strength and pride in our regional cultures (and that does include redneck, because yes it is a culture)and how they helped us cope and yes laugh when grief permeated our country? Am I also correct in assuming you did not send family members including your own son to represent said culture in the war that followed? If you had perhaps you would understand that I was speaking with pride and respect when acknowedging the culture that produced the joke our mayor reposted for a laugh with his personal friends.
    He is not a politician. He doesn’t claim to be and that is one of the reasons our town loves him. He speaks the language of and meets the needs of the town he serves so yes he fits in, explain to me again how that can be a negative?

  • Teddi Beard

    What an idiotic article and an even more idiotic reporter. It should be re-posted as a joke because that’s what it is.
    Greg Barber, you’re doing it right. Keep up the good work.

  • Sarah 300

    As a woman, I am offended by the thought of a Mayor joking about women stripping.
    Muslim people and redneck’s have a certain percent of troublesome characters.
    A Mayor should behave in a decent fashion because he reflects the city he represents.

  • Amanda Painter Havron

    Dear Richard Drake: (Author AR Times) & NOW DEAR NEWS CHANNEL 5:

    Although, I am not certain that what the Mayor said will work. If there is truth to his case, I would advocate America become a nudist colony and I am a prudent individual who tends to lean more to the right. I enjoy my clothes and would never, ever be caught in public unrobed. THIS IS NOT THE POINT….

    In my opinion what the Mayor is saying wasn’t for everyone go get naked, as I see it, he was simply using that statement as a wake up call to Americans. A call to arms to say Americans better take matters into our own hands. It’s no secret that the commander in chief not certainly doing the best job of protecting the American people. He is, in fact, doing quite the opposite.

    When this friendly, muslim “minority group” comes for your family, your daughters,…don’t ask for help, buddy you have said that you don’t need it.

    THEY ARE A MINORITY FOR A REASON – Past presidents haven’t allowed them into the country for security reasons.

    Not that it matters, but your destructive commentary on this misguided statement is in my view, un-American and you sir(s) are slimy. If you don’t want to protect this country, and you love the minority muslim community so much…..the door is open, they would love to have the likes of you in the middle east to support their anti-American platforms. You, sir, on this most monumental morning of American mourning, sicken me to the core.

    Kindest regards & Bless your heart(s),
    One Pissed Off American


      When this friendly, muslim “minority group” comes for your family, your daughters,…don’t ask for help, buddy you have said that you don’t need it.

      THEY ARE A MINORITY FOR A REASON – Past presidents haven’t allowed them into the country for security reasons.

      Uneducated, uninformed, racist nonsense. Shame on you.

  • Sarah 300

    Ms. Havron, you do not know of what you profess.
    The Islamic / Muslims came to the USA on the slave ships circa 1776. Their religion is the third largest in the USA. Their PAC was called Muslims for Bush in 1999 and 2003. They are all generally Republicans with conservative values.
    And yes, past presidents have allowed them to become US citizens, for a very long time.

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