BLOG: Best Places To Retire

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If you or someone you know are looking to retire, WalletHub has analyzed the 150 largest cities in the United States in terns of the best places to retire. The factors include cost of living, job prospects, recreational activity, quality of life, and health care. Here are their top cities:

1  Tampa, FL                        

2   Grand Prairie, TX            

3   Orlando, FL                       

4   St. Petersburg, FL            

5   Scottsdale, AZ            

6   Overland Park, KS            

7   Port St. Lucie, FL            

8   Cape Coral, FL            

9   Plano, TX            

10  Peoria, AZ


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  • RetirementLiving (@RetirementSite)

    The site Retirement And Good Living lists the top retirement locations both in the US and overseas. The blog on the site has many posts by recent retirees who retired in the States and as expats in Central and South America, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean.

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