Sallisaw Considers New Animal Shelter

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SEQUOYAH COUNTY (KFSM) - Leaders in Sequoyah County will decide if they want to build a new $1 million animal shelter. Even though many agree the shelter is needed, some aren't happy with the location.

City leaders will meet Monday (Sept.8) to discuss much needed repairs for the animal shelter. "We try to treat the animals we pick up humanely," said City Manager Bill Baker. " And as a citizen of Sallisaw, I'm embarrassed by our animal shelter."

The animal shelter will be a new and clean facility. According to Baker, "Its going to be designed to be more efficient as far as air flow for winter and summer, also going to have a lot more kennels." Baker said the new shelter will house 22 inside kennels for dogs and a specific area for cats. "Its going to be a lot better facility, a lot more room and much better for the animals and for us," said Baker.

The problem is not everyone agrees with the plans already in the works. "I served on the City Council for about eight years and I know there's alot of protest of where its being built at," said Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart. " And I don't blame the people because its being built in a residential area."

The proposed site of the new shelter is on Eppler Road which is where dozens of people call home. "I think its one of those situations that nobody wants it in their own backyard, but you to put it somewhere," said Baker. "The location that we are looking at now, its very accessible, its convenient for staff and for the public," said Baker.

Baker said crews are expected to break ground on the new facility as the location is approved. They'll demolish the current animal shelter once the new facility is up and running.