Some Fort Smith Students Get Laptops To Take Home

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- Students in Fort Smith are at home with fewer textbooks.

That’s because the school district is letting some students take laptops home.

Kobe Godwin is a freshman at Ramsey Junior High.

"I'm on my computer doing homework, and I am studying for prepositions for my English class," Godwin said.

Godwin said everything from textbooks to homework can be found on the laptop.

He has been trained on how to keep the device safe.

"Don't drop it,” Godwin said. “Keep it in your bag at all times.”

Sunnymede Elementary is also participating in the program.

“Parents attended a mandatory meeting outlining the policies and procedures,” Sunnymede Principal Krystle Smith said.

For mother Lori Godwin, there's still a bit of concern.

"We would be responsible if something happened due to his carelessness,” Lori Godwin said.

That can be unnerving, considering the laptop’s price tag is around $800, according to school officials.

"It's not every day you just get a computer from your school. Getting a computer for free sounds cool to everyone," Kobe Godwin said.

Smith said paying for damaged laptops will be addressed on a case by case basis.

School officials said Harry C Morrison Elementary School is also participating in the program. Among the three schools, 2,000 laptops have been handed out to students, according to school officials.


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  • Morgenstern

    I had to attend one of these “meetings” and it was literally a joke. The computers retail at Dell for under 800 and the config they have now are $515 . My child leaves the laptop at school, it’s not worth the issues to bring it home. He already has a laptop, desktop and tablet of his own.

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