Woman Sexually Harassed On Hospital Phone After Giving Birth In Fort Smith

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - A local woman says she was sexually harassed on the phone in a Fort Smith hospital after giving birth to her son.

Police are investigating the situation, but no suspect has been found. The woman said someone called on her hospital room phone and asked several personal questions while making sexual comments.

Curtis Palmer said his wife got a call after she delivered their first-born son Hunter on her hospital room’s phone Sunday.

"It was crazy,” Palmer said. “It was really crazy, and it scared my wife. She didn't know what to think about it."

Sparks Regional Medical Center officials in Fort Smith said they are also investigating the incident.

"He asked what she was wearing and what kind of shorts she had on. He was asking a lot of crazy questions," Palmer said. "I know that he asked, he said, 'You will get all kinds of free baby stuff.'  So, of course, she jumped all over it. He was asking all kinds of questions.”

The family said the call came from a blocked number. The caller was able to obtain personal information from that phone call, including the family's address.

"He asked if she was going to breast feed and then he started getting into personal questions," Palmer said. "He asked if she was sitting down and then she said yeah I am sitting down. He asked her to take her shorts off and that's when my wife hung up on him."

The Palmers said what makes the call they received so disturbing is, the caller now knows their home address. The family, though, is keeping its spirits up for Hunter.

The family is asking anyone with any information on this to call police.


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