Football League Will Not Let Alma Girl Play Football

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ALMA (KFSM)- A local child is trying to figure out what’s next after being told little league football is not an option.

That’s because the hopeful player is a girl.

9-year-old Trinity Transue said she is determined to play football.

“My parents made me wait two years until I could play football,” Transue said.

Her parents said when league directors called last week her dream to play took a turn. Her parents said directors informed them that she was ineligible because of her gender.

“Why not this year? Girls can play football. I`m pretty sure boys play cheerleading,” Transue said.

5NEWS asked her mother if she is concerned about potential injuries.

"I'm a little nervous about the boys,” Trinity’s mother Jessica Transue said. “She tackles hard. She's a bulldozer, she can take her older brother down.”

League Director Dustin Willis told 5NEWS the league is a privately funded organization.

Willis said girls are not allowed to play for safety reasons. Girls are offered the opportunity to participate in cheerleading.

As for Trinity, her game for now is in a timeout.

“I would be excited, happy, I`d be eager to play,” Transue said.

The Transue family said they plan to start a petition.

"Making up a petition and we are going to take it to the games with us," Trinity's father Brooks Transue said. "Sit out in front of the gates all day and try and get as much parents and people to sign it for us."

Dracinda Clark is the little league director in Mountainburg.

"We do allow girls to play football," Clark said. "I believe it's not our place to tell them no. If there parents are OK with it that's there choice. When they sign up they are expected to play the same as the boys."

Despite the rules Trinity hopes to play soon.


  • joesumone

    Go find a league in Fayetteville. If they tell you no, call the civil rights administration and the will send the SWAT team to set them straight.

  • exhausted

    No wonder tv shows and movies depict us as backward hillbilly types…if this girl doesn’t get to play, we deserve that stereotype. Apparently, these league officials live in the 50’s.

    • smcberry

      Many young men are still being raised to respect and treat young girls apropriately. If a boy has been taught and raised never to hit or abuse a girl how do you think they feel about being on a football field with a young woman? Fooball is about hitting as hard as you can with no mercy. Boys should not be treating little girls this way. I think it sends mixed message and many boys would be very uncomfortable with this situation. Go Alma!

      • Joe

        Despite being raised to not hit girls, do we not also teach that we “leave it on the field”? The girl knows what she is getting herself into. It would not send mixed messages because the boys should be taught to not hit girls, but at the same time, realize that anyone on the field is fair game.

        As far as your statement regarding what roles God created men and women for, I do not think God will send a person to hell because she wanted to play a game. And seriously? Do you think that the league would condone being in the locker room with boys? At this age, I doubt they even have locker rooms. There may be other “intense sports” for girls to be involved in, but the girl wants to play football. I say let her play.

  • smcberry

    God created men and women for different roles In the family. Girls obviously want to run and play like all children regardless of their gender. As parents we are supposed to be teaching and raising our children for the role God intended. I have both girls and boys. I would not raise or encourage my daughter to play football. As she grows up and matures would I want her in a boys locker room ? Absolutley not! There are plenty of other athletic and highly competitive, intense sports for girls to be involved in such as Soccor, Basketaball, and Softball. Im glad Alma is taking a stand!

    • LetHerPlay

      I am female, was raised in a conservative Christian home, and played on an all boys soccer team in high school. I was never exposed to anything in a boy’s locker room, the coaches made sure my privacy was respected, and I am still great friends with many of those team mates. If your daughter wanted to play football, made the team, and earned her keep just like the boys on the team—I assure you she would be one of the most protected girls in the entire school and I am speaking from my direct experience. Anything your daughter might be exposed to in a boy’s locker room–she is going to be exposed to outside of the locker room anyway, no matter how much you try to protect her. To tell a girl she shouldn’t play a male dominated sport because God didn’t intend for her to play or be in a locker room is absurd.

    • Give me a break

      Umm…not all girls want to be cheerleaders just like not all boys are into sports. Let her play. What’s it going to hurt? Oh my God she’s the first girl to ever play football and it will change the world forever!!! Give me break. Lol

  • Donkey Kong

    It’s amazing to me that people are implying that if a girl plays football with boys, it will somehow influence the boys to think that domestic violence is ok as adults. Under this logic, no one should be playing football because those children (boys or girls) who do play will think it is ok to tackle a stranger on the street at any given time. I would hope that solid parenting and home-training would trump peewee football training in shaping our future adults. Then again, I do find myself frequently throwing barrels at Italian plumbers in my day-to-day life…I guess I played too much Donkey Kong as a kid and that influenced my actions as an adult. If parents do their jobs, this will not be problem.


    Simple and correct answer to the situation: let her play football or any other sport she choses. This is America, at least for the time being.

  • Dizzle Flizzle

    Im a parent , my daughter goes to this school . I will be calling the district office and asking for a full list of gender specific activities and I am going to push until it’s public. This is dumb. I don’t want dumb people teaching my kid because she is smart enough to understand this is wrong and they don’t . This girl was not only denied but singled out as a girl from all the other children playing this game and essentially told no you can’t participate because you are different.

    • Donkey Kong

      This is a private league and has nothing to do with the school. Schools couldn’t pull a stunt like this because of Title IX stipulations. It’s ridiculous to not let her play, but don’t blame the school.

      • Auntie

        By the same token the school superintendent called the parents and told them the school should have been notified before any on air interview, and they should drop this and focus on something trinity has a better statistical chance at. So the school involved themselves. Check that out on
        And by all this ” men and women are different” logic then WHY did women fight so hard and burn their bra’s for equal rights??? Women can do things men can a vise versa women were made from a mans Ribs To be EQUALS!!!!

  • smcberry

    It appers to me you have a small town trying to do what is right for all the children involed. As said before, I have both boys and girls. They all play sports. There is nothing wrong with following our intended roles laid out by our Creator. It is the little things we ignore as Christians that snowball into events that make impressions on future generations. A womans’s role is just as important as a mans’s role in the family and the raising of our children. Its why God created things the way He did! I believe there is a moral foundation that no one is recognizing here. Just because a person is capable of behaving in a certain manner doesnt make it right according to God. The girl is only 9. At that age children are completely influenced by the people around them. Im not implying the girl is going to hell, Im talking about the roles of women and men in the world God created. There is nothing wrong with the old way of thinking! America was founded on God’s word! Men should be men, women should be women. If our country still lived on thesse values our country would be in a much better place! Do you people not realize that changing the roles of men and women have devasting affests on our children?

    • Hayden

      I love our Heavenly Father. Without sounding blasphemous, what do His teachings say about poor grammar? I””’m hoping this did not “effect” your feelings towards civil discussion.?

      • Iam anon

        I doubt if my Heavenly Father is concerned with grammer. I also doubt if my Heavenly Father is your heavenly father.

      • Hayden

        I AM ANON, my comment may not have been the most appropriate, however your comment is a hateful thing to say. If you’re correct (which I pray that you’re not), then I bet mine is more proud of me than yours is of you. However, on a serious note, my Heavenly Father is probably not pleased with this entire conversation. In fact, I think it is a discussion on sports, not your judgments of my salvation.

      • Iam anon

        1. My Heavenly Father has much to say about pride and it is NEVER good. 2. This discussion is about gender. 3. I said nothing about your salvation.

      • Hayden

        1. Your reply shows immediately that your reading comprehension is poor and that you need to leave well enough alone. 2. No, your discussion is about gender. 3. You simply do not comprehend inferral of your own thoughts and words. And I’ll add a 4. Please do not reply to me any further with your ignorance until you can have a logical discussion.

      • Iam anon

        1. I read and comprehend well. 2. Correct. 3. I am not responsible for what you wish to infer about my words. I said nothing about your salvation. 4. I am assuming that you believe the only intelligent or logical view is yours. If this is correct, why even join a discussion.

      • Hayden

        I was in this discussion before you started slinging hate. And, no, mine is my opinion. A lot of intelligent opinions at being expressed here by a variety of people. You attacked me to stick up for your “friend” (who happens to be posting under multiple names). Now I have attempted many times to be civil to you. Please grow up.

    • exhausted

      Can you show me where the Bible says that girls shouldn’t play football? I don’t recall any mention of football in the Bible.

    • charm

      This has nothing at all to do with religion and I do not understand why it is being brought in. This is about a kid and yes in this case she is a girl who wants to play football with the other kids who yes are boys. There are no locker rooms involved. They show up to the field, dressed and ready to go. Kids at this age don’t see gender not do they care, they just want to play and that’s exactly what they should do. She wants to play, so let her!

  • Iam anon

    Football is a man’s sport. Little league football should be a boy’s sport. It is amazing how a simple truth can get so twisted by a worldly humanistic philosophy. SMCBERRY you are absolutely right in every comment, so don’t worry about what the others on here say.

  • heidi b

    i agree with smcberry! no one said anyone was going to hell because a girl is playing footbal. All this person said was that men and women were created differently FOR A REASON. You people also need to consider how the boys playing football would feel about playing with a girl and how their parents would feel. also consider how the boys on the other team feel about having to hit a girl. And to say the league offficials are acting like they are from the 1950’s is rediculous. no they are doing the right thing! just because times have changed doesnt mean the bible and the difference between right and wrong have changed. that is why this country and the world is so corrupt these days. But with this said if it is such a big deal for her to not be alound to play football…. why dont yall start your own league and see how well it goes over. Dont critize the league officials for this, they are protecting their boys and their beliefs and the way they have been raised. If you teach a boy to tackle a girl on a football field why would it stop him from doing it off the field. There is a reason God created us different. and she knows what shes getting in to? shes nine years old! there are plenty of other sports soccer, vollyball, softball, baskettball, tennis the list goes on and on. And you mention that boys cheer…. well they arent wearing skirts, they wear pants. they arent shaking there butt around, they are much more altered with their motions. A main reason to have a male cheerleader is for stunting and tumbling….because, MOST of the time men are stronger than women which is a huge advantage when stunting. They do not share locker rooms cheerleader usually come to the game in uniform. I want people to realize this. cheerleaders also dont tackle each other.

    • Hayden

      We all know that you’re the same person. Troll or no troll, you need help. No offense.
      KFSM Moderator, please make note of this as this person may or may not be unstable. I would notify authorities simply for the insanity of the world we live in and how people now go on self-righteous rampages and shooting sprees.

    • Tiffany Mcgrath

      No your right cheerleaders do not tackle…its a different sport, like tennis, soccer, ect….all those other sports you named off are ALL different. But they are ALL sports…doesn’t matter what sport whomever wants to play if it’s “their” sport then they should be able to paly regardless of gender.

    • Shanna Painter

      So why are they different?!!!! My daughter plays football for van buren and shes a very little girl!! But she will take a boy out pretty quick!!!! She is very good at football and loves the sport!!! Just because she is a girl has nothing to do with it!!! Come watch her saturday at 11:30 and watch how well she plays!! She is playing running back saturday at blakemore field and she will blow your mind!!!

      • Amber

        I’m also a mother of a GIRL FOOTBALL player :) the only difference is mine is in 9th grade and has played since 3rd grade.

  • exhausted

    I find it funny that people try to use the Bible to justify oppression (and let’s be clear, that’s what we’re talking about here). It was used to justify slavery until that was abolished. It was used to justify keeping certain people from being able to vote. It was used to justify segregation. And now it’s being used to prevent a 9 year old girl from playing football. All of this goes against the spirit of the Bible that I was raised with. You should be ashamed of yourselves for twisting the Bible’s teachings to justify excluding a little girl from playing a sport that she obviously loves.

  • Tiffany Mcgrath

    I think they should let the girl play football. GOD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT…SO TO THE ONES THAT THINK HE DOES…GTFO! Just because she’s a girl means nothing. She knows the dangers…and if she can take down her older brother then I think she would be fine. But not even the dangers are a problem…its the same dangers to the boys…so maybe they all, boys and girl(s) shouldn’t be playing the game? Just guessing here but what 10-15 years ago it was a problem that boy(s) wanted to be cheerleaders? YES people had problems with this but well I’m pretty sure there are MALE CHEERLEADERS!!! Let the girl play…she wants to and the parents are obviously ok with it…so really what’s the problem?

  • Joe

    SMCBerry probably also thinks that women do not belong in the workplace either. If he had his way, they would be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. Times have changed, dude.

    • smcberry

      Guess what… Im a woman! And you are right, I do believe a woman should be at home raising their children rather than strangers! Maybe this world would be abtter place if everyone remembered the roles that God created for them. Its not demeaning or oppressive.

      • Tiffany Mcgrath

        I agree that women, if they have small, young children should stay home and care for their children, given that they can, meaning if their is a “dad” in the household. However, this has nothing to do with that. Its about sports…NUFF SAID!

  • ted johnston

    iv played,,and coached,,i very much admired,and tried to encourage the girls that had interest in playing,,to play,,the boys admire them,,,they seemed to me,,to take interest in welcoming them,and protecting them,,,it opens doors for these girls who have the interest as well,,,,,im freakn shocked,,,,let her play,,,if she wants to play,,,they are kids,,,its a good thing for them all,,,,,,,,,,and on the BS side of the whole thing,,,,the organization will be humiliated when,,,if she and her family decide to press the issue,,,,they have to let her play,,,and that turns the whole thing inside out,,,and likely turns into a potential negative for ALL the kids that play thru that,,,,let the girl play,,,,to be scared or stupid,,, hell,,,lets see what shes got! let her play,,,totally stupid to even being discussing it, in alma,,,one of the very best communities,,,with a great history in sport and up standing, people,.. what the hell has happened here?

  • Shanna Painter

    My daughter aubrey hewett plays for van buren and she loves it!!! And shes good!!! She plays running back nose guard, saftey, line backer and corner!!! Im glad van buren allows girls to play!!!! I think any girl should be able to play in any town!!!!!

  • Charmise Gondron

    Women want to what anything that men do. Its sad. Feminism has taught us that we aren’t valuable as women and that to have value we have to mimic male behavior. Feminist ideas that actually devalue the feminine nature are why so many women are out chasing meaningless jobs rather than being free to raise their kids like they were 50 years ago. Most women these days are not happy, and men of the younger generation are boycotting marriage. Teach your daughter to be a good woman, not a half-assed version of a man.

  • heidi b

    if you want to say that this is oppresion for the girl. than it is oppresion for the boys being forced to hit her when they have been taught not to. there are no male cheerleaders in alma. and even if there were, male cheerleaders do not wear skirts they wear pants and their motions are much more altered. they are used for better stunting and tumbling. and cheerleaders arent hitting each other and wrestling around on the ground. play a different sport! soccer, softball, vollyball! these league officials are doing an amazing job and doing what is right and what is right accoriding to the bible. And if you dont think this has nothing to do with the bible you are very wrong. everything has to do with God. see mathew 18:6 and deuturonomy 22:5.

    • smcberry

      Everything is about God, that is the point! Its easy to say you believe in God, attempting to keep his Word is difficult for all of us. We want to be selfish. Choosing God’s will over our own is a daily struggle for most people, yes, including Christians. Today’s society also says it is legal to commit murder by allowing abortion, that doesnt make it right!

  • Jen

    This is crazy, my daughter is playing Left Guard for the Fort Smith Boys and Girls Club. Surely if someone asked, they could let her play for the Van Buren Boys and Girls Club since, it’d be closer, even though the season has started. People are soooo worried about girls getting hurt in football, like boys are more replaceable than girls. The truth, anyone can get hurt in any sport. Soccer women statistically have had more concussions than any other sport. ( I still let my daughter play soccer and when she asked to play football, I signed her up. Testing your body, learning your limits, getting hurt, that’s part of childhood…For Boys and GIRLS.

  • Get Real

    So wonder if there is a physically different boy (prosthetic leg) are they going to discriminate because he is more susceptible to injury than other boys playing the sport

  • Poot

    Question: How many 9 year old boys playing league football are playing because they want to or is the parent making them play? Some parents make their boys play hoping they will become something they couldn’t be.Living their dream through the child.If that child doesn’t want to play the parent is just setting their child up to get hurt. Ask your child want their interest are and support that 100 percent. At least this girl wants to be!

  • jwdgrl

    My daughter is 9 years old and is on the football team. She recently fell during a game and broke her wrist. The coaches sat her on the bench cause she said her wrist hurt and a few minutes later she jumped up and said I’m ready to play. Not knowing her wrist was broke they let her play the remainder of the game. She never cried or whined. We were all shocked to find out it was broke. Her coaches were so awesome! They all said that she was tougher thanany of the boys and even tougher than them!

  • momma

    She is 9. Her home is her locker room… As is my sons, who currently plays football. I raised my son to respect girls and boys.. Adults and children.. To say yes ma’am and no sir.. I taught my daughter the same.. My children know the difference between right and wrong… If a child playing football cannot understand the difference between tackling another player on the field and beating a girl up off the field then they don’t need to be involved in any activity involving other children. .. Its LITTLE LEAGUE FOOTBALL! LET THE GIRL PLAY!

    • ted johnston

      YES MA”AM!! wish the words would have been that easy for me to put togather,,,,nuff said,,cant even comprehend this has even been an issue. i am blown away this is an issue in alma,,,has to be some sort of legal bs involved,,,its sadd,,,,even more sad to me,,,,that people are somehow bring religion onto this issue, wtfuw,

  • Gottalaugh

    Start a little league girls football assoc.or something. Is it that hard? That way all the girls who want to play can play without raising so much cain about it, and all the boys who are afaid to tackle them or get tackled by them have nothing to fear.

  • Anthony

    Cedarville has a Little League with girls on it from 1st to 6th grade. Also have a girl on our Sr High team this year. It is all wrong to not let her play on any team. It must be an insurance policy thing. Come over to Cedarville next year an play with our teams.

  • Elaphas

    Go ahead, let her play. Let her keep playing into high school and college. Maybe the NFL. Why not? The line between being a man and a woman continues to blur. Soon women will want penises; then we’ll all be equal.

  • Charlotte Johns

    Here’s a thought. I know as a society most are teaching their young boys not to hit a girl. But why not look at it this way. Instead of teaching not to hit we teach not to abuse. Most everyone does this. But the phrase abuse imo goes farther than just not hitting, it includes mental and emotional abuse as well. And its not gender specific. I play in a medieval reenactment group that has both men and women heavy fighters. Let her play the sport and she’ll gain the friendship of her teammates as brothers that could last a lifetime.

  • Charlotte Johns

    I don’t know if my comment posted earlier. I didn’t see it so there may be a double posting. Teaching boys not to hit is something all families do. But perhaps it should be put this way. Teaching children not to abuse. Abuse goes farther than just hitting and includes mental and emotional. It also includes both genders being taught. I am a member of an organization that does medieval reenactment and has both men and women heavy fighters. She will learn and create a brotherhood with her teammates that could last a lifetime. Let her play.

  • Amber

    Someone tell the parents from alma to contact me! My child and I will fight along side of them for this girls rights! My daughter has been playing football since 3rd grade and she is now in 9th grade and she is a starting WR. The boys love her. They stand up for her and take care of her she has gained 30 plus big brothers! She plans on playing her high school career. Don’t crush this little girls dreams let her shine!

  • Amber

    And btw the my daughter has been voted in the homecoming court 2 yrs in a row because the boys want her to represent their sport!

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