Former Benton County Road Supervisor Sentenced To 90 Days In Jail

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) – The former Benton County road supervisor was sentenced to 90 days in jail on Thursday (Sept. 11) in a corruption case, officials say.

On July 21, Scott Stober, 47, pleaded guilty to theft of property and theft of services before Benton County Circuit Judge Robin Green and began serving jail time on that same day. He started serving early so that he would already have jail time under his belt when his sentencing occurred, according to officials.

Stober was credited for the 53 days he has spent in jail and still has 37 more days to serve, officials said.

After he is released from jail, he’ll be under house arrest with an ankle monitor for 90 days. He’ll also have five years of probation, according to officials.

Stober paid approximately $11,041 in restitution on Thursday, and he was also fined $150 in court fees, a $20 booking fee, a $250 DNA testing fee and an additional $1,000 fee, officials said.

Stober was first arrested on July 30, 2013, after the Benton County Sheriff’s Office received information that led them to suspect he was using county money for personal use.

Benton County Judge Bob Clinard contacted the Benton County Sheriff’s Office after county fleet supervisor Drew McConnell met with him at his home to discuss possible misuse of county funds by Stober.



  • Sarah 300

    A tap on the wrist. Employees of the local, city, county, state and federal government should never break the law. They ought to go out of their way to be honest, upstanding, and serve the area they represent.
    Shame on Mr. Stober.

  • Arkajun

    Obviously Benton county takes good care of their own. Pretty light for theft and misuse of county property paid for by taxpayer monies…..This I promise you will be remember around election time and when the governing bodies want to stick us with more taxes. BTW…any bets that Clinard will beat the Publication Intoxication rap?

    • FEDUP

      The man has apologize for his crime, made full monetary restitution, will serve jail time, and now has a tarnished reputation that will follow him. What more punishment would you prefer, public hanging by the neck in the Bentonville square?

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