Funeral Set For Victim In Fayetteville Stabbing Death

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)-A funeral service has been set for a 32-year-old man who was stabbed to death in Fayetteville last week.

Gustavo Ortiz-Espinosa was killed at a Fayetteville motel on Sept. 6, according to the Fayetteville Police Department.

A viewing will be held for Ortiz-Espinosa on Saturday (Sept. 13) at 7 p.m. at the Fuente de Paz church in Rogers. His body will be cremated the next day, according to his family.

On Sept. 10, three capital murder suspects in the killing appeared at a court hearing before a magistrate judge at the Washington County Detention Center.

Cory Ryan, 24, faces a capital murder charge in the case. Erick Picker-Ramirez, 34, and Stephen Scott, 23, face an accomplice to murder charge. All three also face charges of theft of property and aggravated robbery, records show.

The three suspects are being held without bond. Ryan’s next court date is Sept. 26. Picker-Ramirez’s next court appearance is Sept. 29, and Scott will be in court again Oct. 8, records show.

Ortiz-Espinosa was stabbed fatally in the neck at the Econo Lodge at 1000 S. Futrall Dr. in Fayetteville, police said.

He was taken to Washington Regional Medical Center, where he later died from his injuries, according to authorities.


    • Iam anon

      Let his family have any funeral they can pay for. If they can’t pay, well, the buzzards and worms have to eat to. I wouldn’t stop the family from having any service they want. I just don’t think the taxpayers should have to pay to dispose of his carcass.


    IAM ANON and FEDUP, whats up with all the racist comments? Every time a hispanic person does something I can always expect to see yall’s comments on here. He still has a family and they deserve the opportunity to bury him, and just because he’s hispanic the tax payers are paying for it?

  • Velda

    This murder has nothing to do with race, it has to do with Fayetteville passing the civil rights blasphemous ordnance and God turning his back on NWA and the devil running in.
    We must repeal the civil rights ordnance before it is too late and others are hurt by the civil rights ordnance. Let’s pray for God to look back over NWA again.

  • SAM

    I personally knew this man and his family and have donated a very large amount of money and so did other people that was this man’s friends and family in order for the family to be able to have a funeral for this man. Your comment’s are baseless and Very Unappreciated. I would like to know since when do we only listen to the side of the story that came from the men whom killed this person and assume they are telling the truth??? Where is the drugs this man was supposed to have on him? This man did not speak English so how did the men whom murdered him have an argument with him and why did it take three of them to kill one man? Where was this man’s weapon???? People need not be so ignorant and jump to conclusions and believe everything the media reports!

    • Eve

      Let me start off by saying that I’m sorry for your loss, I understand that your response maybe part of your grievance, however, one of the 3 men that your friend Gustavo met up with speaks Spanish fluently, so that comment is irrelevant. Second, if the 3 men were buying drugs from the deceased man why didn’t he have any drugs with him, maybe he was trying to rip them off. And third, 3 men are telling the same exact story, and what part of the story they played and that hasn’t changed. I believe all 4 were in the wrong. Especially the guy who committed the murder, there’s no excuse for what he did.

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