BLOG: Most Dangerous Cities

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Based on factors like law enforcement officers per capita, fatal accidents and crime, the website MyLife says these are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities:  

1. Tulsa, OK

2. Oklahoma City, OK

3. Birmingham, AL

4. Orlando, FL

5. West Valley City, UT

6. Kansas City, KS

7. San Bernardino, CA

8. Indianapolis, IN

9. Jackson, MS

10. Memphis, TN



  • Jack Swink

    Using statistics for the latest year of 2012 shows a national average crime rate being 301.0. Tulsa has a crime rate of 564.0 Little Rock has 785.0, Memphis 813.0 and Detroit has a whopping 1009, over 3 Times the national average. even shows Tulsa with the lowest of all the above in murders with 10 per 100,000, Little Rock at 23, Memphis at 20 and Detroit at 54 per 100,000. Just some interesting figures to add to the mix and consider what is one is to believe in surveys anymore.

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