Fayetteville Police Search for Missing 14-Year-Old

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – Officers with Fayetteville Police said a search is underway for a missing 14-year-old girl.

Sgt. Craig Stout with Fayetteville Police said Megan Anderson ran away Monday (Sept. 8th) morning, after being dropped off at school. She has not been heard from since, according to authorities. However, at this point, Stout said officer do not have reason to believe she is in danger.

She has brown hair and blue eyes, according to her missing poster on the National Center. She weighs 100 pounds, and is 5’0″ tall, authorities said.

Anyone with information on where Anderson could be is asked to call Fayetteville Police, or the Northwest Arkansas Crimestoppers at 790-TIPS.





  • Angel

    according to previous news reports, this isn’t the first time she’s ran away. First was in April 2013. Makes one wonder what’s going on that she keeps running away. Problems at home? Or just a child that runs everytime she doesn’t get her way. Prayers that she’s found safe.

  • bobreal

    That is Sad; Chances her Guardians were to DEMANDING and CONTROLING..

  • Mark Smith

    Bob real you have issues. Why is she trying to look older? Quit the expression on her face. Apparently not the best home environment.

  • Emma

    I cannot believe how many of you are so quick to question and blame her home life. It’s absolutely revolting how pretentious and presumptuous people can be. I’m assuming you were all teenagers once – unless, due to your holier-than-thou existence you clearly have, you managed to skip the whole teenage hell, you would know that it doesn’t take a hell of a lot to make a teenager rebel. Instead of casting blame when you are completely uninformed, and attacking a family that you know absolutely nothing about, shut your traps and pray or hope for her safety instead. It would be far more productive. And while you’re at it, give common courtesy and empathy and try. They’re good traits – you’ll like ‘em. Promise.


    why are you looking for this girl but not Maddy?? Maddy Grothus has been MISSING since JUNE 5 NO ONE HAS HEARD FROM HER SINCE THEN!!! PLEASE HELP FIND MADDY!!!!!!!!

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