Fayetteville Student Required To Change Out Of “Virginity Rocks” T-Shirt

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - A Fayetteville junior high school made a teenager girl change out of a T-shirt at school this week because the school said it contained sexual content.

The T-shirt in question was a shirt that reads “Virginity Rocks” on the front.

“It is one of my favorite shirts,” said Chloe Rubiano, an 8th grader at Ramay Junior High in Fayetteville.

Rubiano told 5NEWS she got the shirt at a Christian-based festival.

“I just really like the shirt because I was always raised that way,” Rubiano said. “I didn’t really think anyone would make a big deal out of it.”

Rubiano told 5NEWS she wore this shirt plenty of times in the past at former schools. However, staff members at Ramay said her shirt had sexual content on it, which would disrupt the classroom.

“I didn’t really see the big worry, but they called me to the office,” Rubiano said.

Rubiano said her vice principal told her that the shirt could distract the classroom environment, with the possibility that it “opens up too many doors for conversations."

Chloe’s mother, Bambi Crozier, said she was surprised by the school’s decision.

“This is part of sex [education] to me. Virginity is where you need to be,” Crozier said.

Crozier said she found the shirt to be bold, but appropriate.

“It represents what she believes,” Crozier said. “I’m very thankful that Chloe has this belief.”

Crozier said she can also understand why the school made this decision.

Crozier had posted about the situation on her Facebook page. Crozier said a comment that her friend posted made her consider the other end of the topic.

“If you have the right to say (‘Virginity Rocks’), you also have the right to say, ‘Sex Rocks.’ And, I’m like, ‘Oh, Lord, he is right,'” Crozier said.

Rubiano had to change into a school-issued gym shirt for the remainder of the day on Thursday (Sept. 11).

Rubiano said she will still wear the “Virginity Rocks” T- shirt in public.

However, she said she has decided to not wear it at school again.

“She needs to respect the wishes that the leadership has. And, she will. She’s a good kid,” Crozier said.

5NEWS spoke to the Fayetteville School District, who said students are not allowed to wear clothing that creates disruption in the classroom.


  • bobreal

    What would happen if someone ware a Political shirt;

  • Steven

    I’m a very liberal person and this seems a bit uneccesary. Any person that wants to practice abstinence should be allowed to express that. I can see where they are coming from about the sexual content but it just seems a little extreme to me.

  • Larry

    Really strange. Our lives are turned upside down because of Islam everyday, so putting this in perspective, where is the offence?

  • Marie

    If she had just worn a pair of shorts cut up the cheeks of her butt, or low enough to show the crack of her butt, it would have been Fine.

  • Horace

    What a strange state we’re in for this to be newsworthy. Alright, I know it happened in 1965, but could we get a news report on the high school teacher making me cut off my Beatle hair? It was a terrible injustice, I tell ya.

  • atc8824

    If somebody wore a shirt that said s#x rocks they would be sent home.I am sick and tired of both political parties banning things before long NOTHING will be legal for nobody.

  • Kathy Roberts

    “Virginity Rocks” is a public statement that she making, declaring that she is a virgin and proud of it. If they let her wear this sexual opinion on her clothing, they are swinging the door wide open for others with an opposite sexual view to wear their opinions on their shirts as well. I think it was very astute of the administration to recognize this and nip it in the bud.

  • makegooddecisions

    Let’s go ahead and ban “I Love the USA” shirts. We wouldn’t want to offend muslim extremists and start a jihad at school.

    • longhaulmf

      You realize that there are more than just “Muslim extremists” who dislike those shirts and that message in general. I am not a big fan of the “USA” and I don’t believe in any of the religions that exist. I like a good portion of the people and the land that the US is based but the government and it’s policies, I very much dislike.

      Also keep in mind there are plenty of Christians and Jews that have started wars and committed atrocious acts of violence, why not mention them as well? The three major religions aren’t really that much different in their teachings and misinterpretations and each one has their own set of violent extremists that equal each other. Religion just tends to be a dangerous thing in the hands of men.

      I think you believe that Muslim people are so evil because the media has told you what to believe and instead of thinking for yourself you choose to believe anything they tell you.

      • VladT

        Jews started a lot of wars? Seriously….

        Also, how is Judaism a major religion? Aren’t there only about 12 million left in the world…and out of 7 billiob, that ain’t a whole lot. And yep….I am sure the original poster only hates muslims because of the media. Please enlighten us, oh great one, on the true media which shows us that the USA orchestrated 9/11, and Bin Laden and Bush actually slept in the same bed growing up together.

        I disagree with the original commenter’s point of view, but yours is even more ludicrous.

      • makegooddecisions

        I used the word extremists so that I would not throw all muslims in the same basket. You do know what jihad envolves, don’t you?

      • makegooddecisions

        VladT, I was not expressing a point of view. If people other than christians are offended, we must set up “new” rules or ban said activity. That is a fact, not a point of view.

  • Oblong Regatta

    Brainwashing rocks. Trust me kids having intercourse is a wonderful thing especially when it is for pleasure, fully consensual and not for baby-making. Your religion is lying to you to keep you repressed till you can find someone to use you as a baby factory which they claim is a good thing. You are not a breeder and shouldn’t be used as one. You are an independent human being not to be beholden to any gods or masters.

    Think for yourself and don’t let others do the thinking for you. If you want to abstain from sex do it for your own reasons not because your parents encourage it or your church said “god wants you to do it” or your school said it was a good idea.

  • burt

    Can’t have students making too many intellectual diversions in the big room with desks lined up in a grid pattern as some @$$hole spouts random concepts and useless ideas.

  • MrsJAZ

    A teenager finally has good morals and they don’t want her to express it. Yet we let foreigners come into our Country and they can express whatever they want. We don’t tell them “no” because we don’t want to upset them. What a Country we live in.

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