Six People Arrested in Moffett Armed Robbery Months Later

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SEQUOYAH COUNTY (KFSM) – Six people have been arrested and are facing charges in connection to an armed robbery that happened in the Moffett Bottoms this past June, according to Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart.

Authorities said a17-year-old, whose name is being withheld, was arrested Thursday night (Sept. 11) on several charges stemming from the armed robbery at the Freddy’s One Stop in Moffett on June 29th.

Deputies also arrested the three people who were hiding the teenager after his felony warrant was issued. Nathan Barton, 19, from Muldrow, Judson Helms, 26, from Fort Smith and Samantha Nicol, 19, from Fort Smith, all face charges of harboring a fugitive, according to deputies.

In addition, officers with Fort Smith Police arrested Edward Nicol and Patricia Nicol, from Fort Smith, Thursday night (Sept. 11), on charges of accessory after the fact, destroying evidence and obstructing an officer in connection to the robbery. They’re currently being held at the Sebastian County Detention Center. They are awaiting extradition back to Sequoyah County, Lockhart said.

The teenager is currently being held at a juvenile detention center, Lockhart said. Barton, Helms and Samantha Nicol are all behind bars at the Sequoyah County Jail, according to authorities.

Investigators worked several weeks on the case, reviewing security footage and working to put all of the evidence together, Lockhart said.



  • Mark Smith

    Bob real. Congrats! You finally evolved beyond “can you spell RUN!” Just look at the picks of these Arkansans. Example of you Arkansas is 48th in the country in education.

  • Theresa Donaldson

    Mark Smith there are uneducated people everywhere! Even In Oklahoma! I was educated in Texas and Arkansas yet Arkansas is my home of choice! Maybe you need more education! The correct word is stupid!!

  • Jeremy Bott

    Cuddos to Theresa for standing up for uneducated people everywhere, many not by their own doing but from a culture of poverty that creates an environment ripe for outcomes such as this. Here are some findings by the US Dept of ED on average freshman graduation rates of public secondary schools: Oklahoma stands at 78% while Arkansas is close at 76.4% with 40.7% and 38.2% of 18-24 year olds are enrolled in colleges and universities respectfully. I see no one winning here considering 70% of high school freshman in both states will not obtain the basic education requirements to sustain any modern market economy in the next 25 years. This is the investment a fear doctrine returns whether it be of the Feds, State, public safety, Johnny down the street or that family from out of town. We all need to place more emphasis back on our kids future for His Glory with the blessings education brings, in that it lays the framework to comprehend a world around us. “”There will true glory be, where no one will be praised by mistake or flattery; true honor will not be refused to the worthy, nor granted to the unworthy; likewise, no one unworthy will pretend to be worthy, where only those who are worthy will be admitted. There true peace will reign, where no one will experience opposition either from self or others. God himself will be virtue’s reward; he gives virtue and has promised to give himself as the best and greatest reward that could exist. . . . “I shall be their God and they will be my people. . . . ” This is also the meaning of the Apostle’s words: “So that God may be all in all.” God himself will be the goal of our desires; we shall contemplate him without end, love him without surfeit, praise him without weariness. This gift, this state, this act, like eternal life itself, will assuredly be common to all.”-The Perfect Communion with God

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