County Judges Association Opposes Alcoholic Beverage Amendment

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) – The County Judges Association of Arkansas has come out against the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Amendment that is set to appear on the Nov. 4 ballot, according to a news release.

The ballot initiative, if passed by voters in the November election, would make all counties in the state wet and allow alcohol sales all over The Natural State, regardless of whether the counties were previously dry.

The County Judges Association of Arkansas cited “infringement of local control” as the organization’s main reason for opposing the ballot measure, the release states.

“Arkansas judges feel local control and home rule under Amendment 55 of the Arkansas Constitution is the will of the people for a reason,” said Michael Lincoln, CJAA president. “Individual counties need to be able to govern the best they can for their constituents, and local control is the backbone of that function.”

The association voted to adopt a resolution opposing the ballot initiative during its summer meeting in Little Rock.

The resolution adopted states, ““The County Judges Association of Arkansas opposes federal or state legislation that takes from local communities their rights to prohibit the manufacture, sale and distribution of alcohol in their county.”


  • Michael

    That is why their will be an election to decide the issue. If you don’t like it, vote against it. The opinions of a few should not outweigh the opinions of many.

  • Get Real

    These county “judges” are opposed to control at the federal or state levels, but seem to believe it shouldn’t continue on down to personal choice, but stop at their level of jurisdiction, the county. I believe whether or not to purchase alcoholic beverages should be left to the individual. The opinion of these judges are exactly that, their opinion. We all know how that adage goes, opinions are like xxxx, everybody has one…

  • Doug McDowall

    The county judges are very concerned about losing the county sales tax dollars collected on beverage alcohol in their county if the whole state votes ‘wet’ in November. If the entire state is voted ‘wet’ the current wet counties will soon start losing sales taxes on alcoholic beverages to adjoining previously ‘dry’ counties as sales permits are issued and new stores are opened in adjacent jurisdictions, putting a severe crunch on budgets in currently ‘wet’ counties, and the jails, road maintenance, law enforcement, schools, and other county services that depend on the county sales tax dollars for funding!

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