Voters Reject Gravette Millage Increase For New Elementary School

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GRAVETTE (KFSM) – Voters on Tuesday night rejected a proposed millage increase that would have raised money for a new elementary school and an expansion of Gravette High School.

The $14 million ballot item failed 2,367 votes (87 percent) to 359 votes (13 percent), according to the Benton County Election Commission.

The proposed millage increase would have amounted to about $70 more in property taxes for a home valued at $100,000. The high school expansion would have cost almost $2 million, while the new elementary school’s cost was set at nearly $13 million.

The high school expansion and elementary school may still be built, but will not draw extra money from property taxes, since the millage increase proposal failed.


  • Leten Uno

    The leader of the drive opposing this is connected to one of the wealthiest families in Benton County. They stand to lose millions in taxes and land sales, personal and business interest if this is passed.
    Many numbers quoted were misleading. Quoting growth numbers between 2007 and 2014. Wow that certainly was a period of normal growth, NOT. That was one of the slowest growth periods in the history of America and Benton country.
    These vocal opponents also have land they eventually want to sell to the school system. If the school is built in Bella Vista their multi-million dollar sale or charity write off goes bye bye.
    Benton country is again growing like it was in the late 90’s. The estimates are this will be the biggest boom time this part of the state has ever seen. Yet when the economy was contracting people sold homes and moved in with relatives, cut back on everything. However as the economy continues grow at record pace people will be moving out of momma and daddies houses, buying places of their own. Jobs have and will continue to increase. As more jobs are created more people are needed to fill them. These people have children.
    This has played out countless times locally and nationally.
    When the road is completed the intersection of Hwy 72 and I-49 will become a center point, a jumping off point. Instead of 15-20 minutes from town it will be 5. Instead of 35 minutes from Town Center it will be 15. Growth will explode. And these opponents of Growth in Bella Vista will reap the rewards with lower taxes on their millions and more millions from the sale of land to the school when it suddenly becomes inevitable in the future. As well the cost of the land is going up daily, the cost of labor, the cost of materials, energy; even the minimum wage is going up. By 2020, the leading opponents, a family we all know, will reap the reward of lower taxes and high priced land sales delivered on a silver platter by the 2014 voter’s ignorance.
    Let this be known as the election that Gravette voters bet against future growth in Benton County. Guess who’s going to end up look like a bunch of pawns real soon. Do you field dumb yet? You are and you will.

    • Donald Sheram

      There is no politics going on here. The west side of Bella Vista is where the new school was going to be built. We moved here from all over the United States we built schools all over the United States, we are done paying for schools. This is a retirement community, we do not want any more schools here. We moved here to retire & use the amenities not pay for schools. Our taxes are too high already and we are on fixed incomes with everything going up in price but our incomes. If it was up to us you would have to be 55 years of age to live in Bella Vista,But guess what that can’t be because we are a city now. We will get out and vote on things that are needed. Fire, Police and other important items but increasing our taxes for an unneeded school !!! We will out vote you every time! So if you don’t ilke it here MOVE!!! Oh By the way we don’t feel too dumb we are retired & have been for years & you are probably still working! Just Sayin!!!

    • Ted

      Lol, so it’s the Hendrens that win this round instead of Cooper Communities. Big deal. You and others like you with your infinite growth projections are what drove this country into depression, but thankfully 87% of the voters put a stop to your foolishness this time.

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