Man Carrying Drugs Arrested After Fleeing Police Into UAFS Campus

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - A man was arrested after leading police on a foot chase through the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith (UAFS) campus while carrying drugs on Tuesday (Sept. 16), authorities say.

Authorities said after a car accident they chased the man identified as Briceon Buker, 29, carrying a suitcase and backpack onto the UAFS campus, under the bell tower and around Sebastian Commons.

The man fought with officers before being arrested. The suspect is facing multiple charges, including assaulting an officer and fleeing the scene of an accident, police said. He was taken to Sparks Regional Medical Center to be treated for injuries he received during the accident, according to police. No other injuries were reported.

Officers backtracked through the route of the chase and found one gram of methamphetamine, half of an oxycodone tablet and an Alaprazolam tablet, police said.

The incident started after a car crash around 8 a.m. on Tuesday. Police said a woman driving a black Chevy Cobalt ran a stop light at the intersection of North O and 50th streets and was T-boned by a man driving a white truck, according to authorities. When police responded, Buker ran away with a backpack and small suitcase.

Two children, ages two and four, were in the Cobalt at the time of the crash. The driver was cited on suspicion of running a red light and improper use of child safety restraints.

Police said tattoo equipment was found in the backpack and suitcase he was carrying when he arrested.

Buker has a previous arrest history, and he spent time in the Arkansas Department of Corrections. He was paroled on Aug. 12, according to department records.

Editor's note: This photo has been edited due to expletives in the tattoos.

Editor's note: This photo has been edited due to expletives in the tattoos.




  • >>>?

    No, the man was driving the truck. The woman in the car, who ran the red light, had two children in the car.
    What i don’t understand is…why would he run when he hadn’t done anything wrong? Must have something to hide…?

  • Lisa

    The guy that ran away was a passenger in the Cobalt, not the driver of the truck and they didn’t leave the kids behind, a woman was driving the cobalt

  • josh

    Hopefully they will charge him with the tattoo equipment as well, since the state made it illegal to tattoo without a license or just to process the equipment without a license someone needs to do something about these at home scratchers

  • Reese Dumas

    The point I was getting at was that he was a passenger in the Cobalt and fled, without reason,leaving a woman and children. Either way, he fled because of being a convicted felon with illegal drugs in a car that was involved in an accident. Good job FSPD. Can’t wait to do this years ride along.

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