VIDEO: Game Of Peekaboo Goes Horribly Wrong

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(KFSM) – One moment, a little girl is playing peekaboo with her bearded father, and everything is fine.

Then, the father went and shaved without her seeing and tried peekaboo again with disastrous results.

Apparently, the daughter didn’t like her beardless father.

Watch the funny video above, and share it with friends.


  • Ted

    Awesome find Curt! I’ve already seen this through Facebook and 6 other link sharing sites, but it’s great to see it on this “news” site as well! Can we PLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE get more kitten and puppy vids too? kthxbye

      • Ted

        Thanks for sharing Renneenee. Personally, I can’t stand a news site that seems to spend all day doing research through Facebook and YouTube. To make things right, here’s a toddler playing with 5 lab puppies:

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