Parents Pick Up Kids After Hackett School Bomb Threat Evacuation

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HACKETT (KFSM) – Parents picked up their kids after the Hackett Elementary School was evacuated due to a bomb threat that was found on Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 17), a faculty member says.

Police looked room by room through the school but located no bomb. The investigation is ongoing, authorities said.

The Hackett Police Department announced the evacuation around 1:30 p.m. on their Facebook page.

Students were evacuated to a safe location and later picked up by parents, the Facebook post states.


  • Joe

    The fact this continues to keep happening every other day just annoys the heck out of me that no real punishment is being done to these rugrats.

    • Amazed

      Amen Joe…When they find out who the little “sweetheart” is, have them wear a sign and parade around for all to see….it seems to have worked wonders for the dad in Rogers, AR

    • Evan Carter

      I agree Joe. I am a student at Hackett Elementary. I was in GT doing an activity based on the stock market. Then, all of a sudden, my friends dad, the High school Principle said over the Intercom.” All GT students evacuate to the high school football field immediately, this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill.” At first, I thought it was a fire, until someone in high school said it was a bomb threat. The football field is across the campus from the high school, where I was told the threat started. I had left my backpack in the GT room. So my
      backpack gets to have a slumber party with all the other backpacks at school. We took a seat in hot sun ranging at 81 degrees F. I was picked up by my grandpa and taken home to safety.

  • A teacher

    The problem is these threats are being made in notes and are being left in various places in the school building (usually bathrooms) so there is no way to know who is doing it. Unless the school has surveillance cameras monitoring who is going in and out of every room, hallway and bathroom.

    • vbgirl

      I agree with Scott, Stop plastering all these bomb threats on the news. You can bet money that when one bomb threat is shown on the news within 2-3 days there will be another, and then again in 2-3 more days, there will be another. It’s never ending. It’s the same way at the end of the school year, once the news starts spreading it just keeps going. Stop putting it on the news.

  • Guy Shea

    Every time a school has to be evacuated for a bomb threat, the school should tack on a day at the end of the year to make up this time, I bet there would be less of this happen if there were consequences for everyone, they might even start turning the guilty student in!

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