Storms Flip Large Tent On Power Lines; Pole Split In Half

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ROGERS (KFSM) – Strong wind gusts in Rogers caused a large tent at a local Harley Davidson store to blow across the road and onto some power lines.

The tent knocked power out in the area after snapping an electrical pole in half.

Emergency crews were called to the scene of a tent that had flipped into the street, taking out the electric lines after a thunderstorm rolled through the area.

Frank Hardman is the general manager at the Pig Trail Harley Davidson on Hudson Road in Rogers. He was near the tent when it flipped.

"Next thing you know, a big gust of wind came," Hardman said.

The tent had been professionally installed earlier. The installation consisted of anchors that were drilled into the cement.

"It ripped the anchors right in half,” Hardman said.

Keith Kingston owns the business across the street from the Harley Davidson store.

"I was standing in the office, and I heard a pop from when the tent hit the power lines,” Kingston said. “I saw some sparks, turned around and looked out the window, and all I could see was the inside of the tent. And it was just hovering over and landed in the parking lot.”

Kingston’s brother was worried the tent may hit their building.

"He was yelling, 'Look out! Look out!'" Kingston said.

The weight of the tent on the power lines caused on power pole to snap in half.

Nobody was injured by the tent, with only scratches and dents going to some motorcycles.

"We had about 450 motorcycles out here, and it looks like 40 to 50 got a little damage," Hardman said.

The staff at Harley Davidson said the tent was recently built for the upcoming Bikes, Blues and BBQ event.

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