Sleeping Mats Made From Plastic Bags Donated to School

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - A local pastor and his wife donated 80 sleeping mats to a local school Thursday (Sept. 18).

Reverend Hershel McClurkin, who works at First United Methodist Church in Fort Smith, and his wife Mardell said they've been making the mats for weeks.

Each mat is crocheted together with 800 plastic bags, according to McClurkin.  She said it usually takes about a week to make one mat. The latest batch of sleeping mats went to Tillis Elementary School, but the McClurkins said they also donate them to The Next Step Day Room and Salvation Army.

"It gives them something to either cover with like a blanket, or a mat to lay on and so I think it fills a real need, especially for those who are homeless," Merdell McClurkin said.

Since the mats were delivered to elementary students today, McClurkin said it's time to start on the next batch.