Uber: Drivers Have Our Support To Keep Operating In Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – Transportation company Uber is standing behind its drivers in Fayetteville despite the city’s ban on the service, according to an internal email sent to an Uber employee.

Uber allows people to order taxi-like transportation through company apps for smartphones. The company was founded in 2009 and has launched in over 70 cities across the globe, their website states.

On July 16, Fayetteville City Attorney Kit Williams sent a letter to Uber, informing the company that it does not have the proper permits to drive taxis or vehicles for hire in Fayetteville, the letter states.

On Sept. 13, two Uber drivers were ticketed by undercover Fayetteville police officers. The undercover officers said they were illegally operating as taxis and gave them citations, according to police.

On Wednesday (Sept. 17), an internal email was sent to an Uber driver in Fayetteville telling him that Uber would “continue to operate as usual.”

The email also said “we want you to know that we support you — our partners — 100%. We will stand with you, defending you completely against unwarranted traffic tickets, by offering full financial restitution for any costs incurred as a result of these unfair actions.”

The email closed stating that Uber is “well-versed” in handling opposition to their services, and they’ve encountered similar opposition in other cities across the world. Each time, the email states, Uber has been successful in coming through for their partners and riders.


  • J. Alfred Prufrock

    This is an example of an over zealous attorney pursuing issues that differ from the real concerns of the public. Give me a break! I trust that Uber drivers will learn to ask each of their potential riders if they are affiliated with law enforcement. If they are, simply decline further services without comment and move on.
    I enthusiastically support Uber! This is intimidation by the nanny state against those who don’t succumb to their desires. Move on Kit and justify your inflated salary in some useful fashion.

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