Lieutenant Governor Candidate John Burkhalter Touts His Business Background

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - In a "5NEWS This Morning" segment that aired on Sept. 21, John Burkhalter, the Democratic lieutenant governor candidate, spoke with 5NEWS Managing Editor Larry Henry about a range of issues, including the minimum wage proposal on the November ballot and whether there is even a need for a lieutenant governor in Arkansas. Burkhalter's opponent in the Nov. 4 election is U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin, R-Ark.

After the show was taped, Mike Kaiser, a Burkhalter staff member, sent an email to clarify that Burkhalter's reference to Griffin's tenure in Washington includes service at the Republican National Committee, the White House and now in Congress.

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  • Richard S. Drake

    While it is nice that he has a business background, what possible use will that serve him for a job that has no real role?
    It wasn’t all that long ago that the politically gullible were being sold the bill of goods that those with military experience were best suited for public office – now we are back on the mantra of business experience? What is next? Reduce it to simple gun ownership?
    ANYONE who has ever worked in industry for a lousy boss is less than impressed with the “business experience” argument for public office.

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