Local Priest Signs Nearly One Thousand Books

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- A local priest signed 850 books after mass on Sunday (Sept. 21) at Immaculate Conception in Fort Smith. Father John Antony wrote a book titled “Oh, for the Love of God,” a collection of his sermons from the last five years.

“’Oh for the Love of God’ -- it's almost kind of tongue-and-cheek, in that, anybody who has any interest in knowing anything about God might be interested in this book,” Antony said.

He said he wrote the book light-heartedly, and that it’s full of humor.

“The Gospel and Christianity and life itself is heavy,” Antony said. “And you need some light moments to kind of get through life.”

The book has five chapters: Discipleship, Fellowship, Grace, Self-awareness and Discernment.

“I think as we get to know Christ, we’re also getting to know ourselves,” he said. “And that’s an important dynamic to be aware of and sensitive to.”

Churchgoer Robert Cooper has read part of the book.

“I want to say it energizes you when you read it,” Cooper said. “You want to read chapter by chapter, which are three to four pages. You don’t want to overload your brain if you really want to get some of the spiritual meaning out of the book.”

Antony said he wrote the book for everyone -- not just Catholics.

“We specifically tried to curb some of the explicitly Catholic language,” he said. “So that people would feel an attraction to it regardless of denomination -- but also of any religious affiliation.”

Right now the book is available at Immaculate Conception in Fort Smith and St. Joseph Catholic Church in Fayetteville. It will be available on Amazon in early October.

The next book signing will be Saturday, Sept. 27 at Saint Joseph Catholic Church.

The book is $25 and proceeds go to the Immaculate Conception Elementary School in Fort Smith.


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