10 Arrested In Prostitution Sting At Pocola Casino

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POCOLA (KFSM) - Ten people are behind bars and facing charges after an overnight prostitution sting at the Choctaw Casino in Pocola, according to Deidre Elrod with the Choctaw Nation.

Elrod said four men who were looking for sex at the casino were arrested as well as two women who had been contacted online for prostitution. There were another four women arrested on the casino floor, Elrod said.

According to John Hobbs, Director of Public Safety for Choctaw Nation, the sting has been in the works for the past few months. Hobbs said this is all part of keeping the casino safe. " We provide a safe environment for people to come, " said Hobbs. "We want to provide a safe environment for people to come and have entertainment."

The case is being handled by Arkansas and Oklahoma authorities. Of the ten arrested, six are in jail in LeFlore County, and four are being held in Sebastian County.



  • judy

    taxpayers money could be much better spent in other areas….such as addressing the many sexual misconduct charges within the police departments themselves…

    • Yes

      You have a point. If one grown person is willing to pay and another willing to provide want to do this…what is the problem? It may not be “socially acceptable” but, really, why should we care? Truth is, I don’t care. My neighbor may be willing to pay $500 to get laid but how does that affect me…or you? It doesn’t.

  • Objectivefodder

    I agree Judy. The White Man’s incessant push to self-destruct its own social western civilization, and like Rome and the Weimer Republic only 80 years ago in Germany, the society is decaying, in the form of turning on its own citizenry cannibalizing and slowly marking each and every one for condemnation. The blue thin line works for the moral scammers assembling Sundays as well as the corporations now. The gap between the rich and poor grow. Those who profit, the wealthy prison contractors, the magistrates seeking to move up the food chain all gain, while the lessor human suffers simply trying to seek out more pleasure than pain. The underclass grows day by day.

  • bobreal

    So Whos PRISON do they get to go to If They Are Found GUILTY??
    Do They Go to a STATE PEN or Do The INDIANS have Their Own??

  • pam

    Sad this happened but it goes on alot of places besides the casino, such as downtown fort smith. I know someone who was approached in a department store in fort smith.

  • judy

    prostitution & pot should both be decriminalized & regulated by the state to protect at risk situations. there would be much less crime & safer streets. but i’m afraid there are too many holy rollers & self righteous hippocrates in this part of the world for it to happen in this lifetime. & so they have stings like this as a show to satisfy the electorate in upcoming elections. my take? if you want to change the world, clean out your own shower stall.

    • why?

      Agreed. The safety and health risks of prostitution come from its lack of regulation and oversight caused by its prohibition.

      • BigJohn

        Why harsher sentences? That has never worked. All it has done is filled up our prisons and jails. Prostitution has existed since the beginning of time, as has marijuana, and both will exist long after we’re gone. There is no stopping either. Did you know that according to government survey data over half of all American adults under 65 have smoked pot? It’s far more popular than prostitution, despite decades of locking people up for it. And gambling, that has also existed forever, legal or not. These are vices and vices do tend to cause harm, but banning them rarely works very well and in many cases the cure is worse than the disease, our ineffective bans do more harm than good. Pot is a perfect example of that. Our pot laws don’t stop anything. darned near everybody who wants to smoke pot smokes it. Our older teens have been reporting for years on government surveys that it is as easy or easier for them to obtain pot than it is for them to obtain alcohol. That stuff is easy to obtain everywhere and cheaper than beer on a per use basis, and especially in our area most of it is still supplied by Mexican drug cartels who use the black market for their pot to get their meth and cocaine out to people. You high and mighty big government lovers who want to make laws against everything end up doing far more damage to this country than good for it.

    • Arnold fudpucker

      “…….self righteous hippocrates…..” ?? Perhaps you should “clean out your own” history book or dictionary. Hippocrates was a physician by the way.

      • judy

        arnold, i stand corrected in my spelling of hypocrisy, & yes, am aware of the Hippocratic oath, etc in medical field. thanks for correction

  • Hondo

    If they were arrested in Pocola, Oklahoma, why are four being held in Sebastian County? Is it because they are on Choctaw Land and they can send them to where they are from?

    • BigJohn

      Part of the parking lot for that casino is in Fort Smith, so they may have been caught in that part. Also, this was a sting operation spanning a period of many months. It was mostly conducted through ads on the “Backpage” website and for those being held in Fort Smith probably most of not all of that business was conducted from computers in Fort Smith. No doubt they spent many thousands of dollars on this investigation and will spend a bunch on the prosecutions which will result in a little bit of county jail time for these people that will also cost us money, but it will still be business as usual after that. Nothing will change.

    • Nikki

      It is because Fort Smith police and Pocola police were working together with the tribal police so Fort Smith got some and Pocola got some. They supposedly know the pimps but they are big time gamblers so they aren’t going to do anything about them.

  • Johnny roberts

    Leave the the Ho’s alone, everyone has to make a livin” at least their given someone a service they want, if there weren’t any customers there wouldn’t be any Ho’s, they must not have been too indescreate or it wouldn’t take 2 – 3 months to bust them !

  • Not me

    I agree, let’s legalize prostitution, and Marijuana! ! I would quit my full time job and just do that! Let the State and Federal government pay my salary. Oh wait that’s called welfare sorry can’t do that, I have morals :)

    • judy

      typical opinionated mentality of linking an issue to one’s own political agenda…now let’s see…how do we arrive from state regulation of pot & prostitution to a welfare state? should we all watch Refer Madness as starters? or hell & brim fire sermons?

  • bobreal

    Sad I Bet some Wife/Girlfriend cuts Their Spouse/Boyfriend OFF… LOL
    Hope they lock ALL OF THEM AWAY FOR AT LEAST 5yrs..

    • BigJohn

      Prostitution is a misdemeanor, so I wouldn’t think anybody is going away for five years. My guess is sentences range from a few days to maybe a month or two tops, and somebody will end up agreeing to testify against somebody else and will avoid jail altogether that way. In Fort Smith they have a standard deal they’ll give prostitutes that involves jail time but really not much.

      Our jails are full. We lock way too many up for the stupidest reasons so that we don’t have space for people who are really a threat. That happens because of people who think like you think, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say it happens because folks like you don’t think, don’t use common sense and prioritize and try to get the most bang for our buck from our limited law enforcement and judicial and penal resources. That kind of thinking is bankrupting us. It’s why we have more people behind bars than any other country in the world, including big bad countries like Russia and China. It’s why we have the world’s highest per capita incarceration rate, why even though only about 4% of the world’s population lives in this country about 25% of those behind bars world over are locked up right here in the land of the free, where about 25 to 30 million convicted felons walk our streets and can’t get jobs in legitimate society so they break more laws to survive.

      It did not used to be like this. We now have several times as many behind bars than we ever did at any point in our history before around 1979 or ’80 when we lost our darned minds and started locking people up left and right and our nutbag politicians were tripping over each other to pass more and more laws showing they were tougher on crime than the next guy. That craziness is now coming back to bite us in the rear now that we can no longer afford the prisons and jails we have let alone the vast fortunes we were spending building new ones left and right for several decades. Now we don’t have room to lock up all our new convicts and our tough guy legislators have to keep passing new legislation to let people out earlier and earlier to make room for the new convicts. Eventually we’ll get smart and start prioritizing better and will save these limited resources for those who are really a threat.

      • Arnold fudpucker

        Nice presentation. Just where do we draw the line. How much are we going to allow the criminal element to get away with? I understand that some offenses are less than others but they are offenses none-the-less. As you pointed out earlier many of these things have been going on a very long time but what are we to do as a society? give up? Then what? I worry about this slow but sure change a little bit at a time then Bam you have a real problem. Much like the illegal alien issue. What began as a trickle was ignored and excused and now we have a flood.

    • BigJohn

      And under their pictures we should post how much jail time they end up getting along with how many man hours and how much money was spent on this several month long multi-agency investigation. People need to see where their tax dollars are going. I think they’d be shocked at how much is wasted on ridiculousness like this.

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