Attorney General Eric Holder To Step Down

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CBS News – Attorney General Eric Holder will announce today that he plans to step down after six years as head of the Justice Department.

Holder has agreed to keep his role as the nation’s chief law enforcement official until his successor is confirmed, a Justice Department official confirmed to CBS News. Holder is one of just three members of President Obama’s original cabinet who is still serving. He’s also the first African-American to serve as attorney general.

After discussing his departure with Mr. Obama multiple times in recent months, Holder finalized his plans in a discussion with the president over Labor Day.


    • Iam anon

      You should really seek help. Using your own name does not mitigate the fact that you have some real “issues” to deal with.

  • Horace

    Like anyone else, he had critics on all sides; some complaints credible and others not so much. Like the President, himself, he was never to receive a kind word from anyone on the right, no matter what. The government only functions to their satisfaction when they’re in control, after all. Phooey on the will of the people. When Ashcroft stepped down, I don’t recall any statements about sinking ships. While Holder will be remembered as the first Attorney General, Ashcroft will always be the guy who took his eye off threats of terrorism in favor of fighting prostitution. I think a whore-attack would’ve been preferable to 9-11. Oh, yeah–he approved torture.

  • Sarah 300

    Despite his seemingly tense relationship with Congressional Republicans, some might be surprised to know Holder actually was nominated by President Reagan in 1988 to become an Associate Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

    Also Bush 43 installed Holder as Acting Attorney General while John Ashcroft was going thru hearings. 

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