Bandanas: A Biker Fashion Statement at Bikes, Blues & BBQ

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)- Bikes, Blues and Barbecue isn't just about motorcycles. It's also about fashion and one thing many bikers like to sport are their bandanas.

Delight Rella and her co-worker Anthony Bambino traveled from Summerfield, Florida. They work at the Daredevil Durags tent at Baum Motorcycle Village.

These durags or bandanas are a common trend in the biker culture. They come in all colors and designs, which some are plain and others have a lot of bling.

"They are very convenient," Rella said. "You don't have to tie them. You just slip them on and you are ready to go."

Rella said it's a popular accessory and people wear it different ways. It also protect hair and prevents knots.

"You tuck it in, you can wear pig tails, pony tail or just wear it as a band," she said.

The bandanas are for both men and women.

"They are elastic, we've had them on over 100 miles an hour, they do not blow off, they stay on and they breathe real nice. It's soft cotton," said Gambino.

However, whichever bandana a customer chooses, Rella said it has to match their personality.

"I put them on thousands of people and I tell everybody pick a few out you like," Rella said. "We'll put one on, see what it does and then go from there."

Rella said this isn't their first trip to Bikes, Blues and Barbecue and said the money they make is worth the trip from Florida.

Each bandana or durag cost between $15 to $20.


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