Blues Train Up And Running For Bikes, Blues & Barbecue

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - When it comes to getting around The Bikes, Blues & Barbecue Rally, many may think most ride their motorcycles to the event.

But, the Blues Train offers an alternative mode of transportation.

"It's a unique experience. You don't see this type of train everywhere," said Kim Fiedler, an event attendee.

“I want to bring my grandson,” said Randy Fiedler, an event attendee.

The train takes passengers from Dickson Street, to Baum Stadium, and back.

The tickets to ride the train are cheap. $3 gets a passenger a one-way ticket, while $5 pays for a round trip.

The train even has an open deck for those looking to safely continue the party without driving home.

"The reason I take the train is because I drink all day long, and I can't ride my motorcycle down here to Dickson,” Randy Fiedler said. “But, I can walk over and get on the train, and ride it down to Dickson. And then get back on to take me to the camp ground."

The train travels every half-hour.

Some say they chose the train to avoid traffic.

"It's hard to find a place to park your bike down here," Randy Fiedler said.

"We ride down, enjoy this, then we ride back. That way we don't have to .mess with traffic, or get back on the bike," said Doug Cardwell, a train passenger.

The train starts at 5 P.M. daily, and runs until midnight through the weekend.