Fort Smith Police Bust Two Students In Bomb Threat Cases

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – The Fort Smith Police Department arrested two students in connection with recent bomb threats at Darby Junior High School and Ramsey Junior High School, authorities say.

On Sept. 24, Fort Smith police responded to Darby Junior High School in reference to a bomb threat. School officials informed police that writing had been found on a wall in a girl’s bathroom verbalizing the threat, according to authorities.

After investigating, a warrant was issued for a 15-year-old female student on suspicion of communicating a false alarm. The student was arrested on Sept. 25 and booked into the Sebastian County Juvenile Detention Center. She is being held without bond, police said.

On Sept. 25, at 2 p.m., police were called to Ramsey Junior High School in reference to another bomb threat. A note was found taped to a bathroom wall in a boy’s restroom, according to police.

School officials reviewed the handwritten note and suspect a 13-year-old male student based on the handwriting, police said. The student was interviewed and later arrested on the same day on suspicion of communicating a false alarm. He was booked into the Sebastian County Juvenile Detention Center and is also being held without bond, according to police.


  • Tiffany Mcgrath

    Right on!! This is great news…finally someone is being punished…somewhat…for these stupid crimes…I hope it helps the other kids out there to see that they will get caught and maybe just maybe get arrested and sent to jail or perhaps prison…depending on age, and if too young sent to juvie or at least boot camp.

  • bobreal

    Hope they get more than a slap on their wrist and a Sandwich and a Drink..
    Let their Parent/Guardian set the penalty.. If NOT STIFF ENOUGH; LOCK THEIR GUARDIAN.

  • What-about-Bob

    Interesting, my child attends Ramsey and said nothing happened today.. No codes or anything. So apparently they did not take it serious enough to evac the kids just to call the cops. I wonder what that principal is up to?!?

    • Parent

      My child also attends Ramsey and told me all about it. Then, I received a phone call and an email detailing the entire event. No, they didn’t evacuate. They located the child almost immediately, he confessed, they called authorities, and that child was detained. So if the principal is “up to” anything, I think he should keep at it.

      • What-about-Bob

        Interesting because I personally spoke to the principal about it and he stated students were NOT made aware of it till the following day. How does your kid know about things that the principal did not tell them till the next day??!???

    • idontevenlivehere

      Everything you are saying came from word of mouth. My child said… The principal stated… People don’t always have to tell you the entire truth for any number of reasons.

  • Richard S. Drake

    Just how BRUTAL should the punishment be, to make some people happy?
    They are junior high kids, for crying out loud!
    Boy, you really HAVE forgotten the stupid things we do when we are young.

    • Sarah 300

      Mr. Drake I agree to some extent, but something has to be done to stop this. As soon as a parent hears a bomb threat, they drive at break neck speeds to get their child, endangering others to save their own child. I don’t know the answer but so far I will have to agree with the police.

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